How to Potty Train a Puppy

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How to Potty Train a Puppy.  

Puppies have very small bladders. With very little bladder control. Remember that puppies are just babies. They are use to being in a pack. So your puppy will feel more comfortable to have you near when using the potty. If you leave your puppy outside to use the potty by himself. The puppy will cry, and want to come back inside with you. Puppies will learn best from you. So praise your puppy after it goes potty outside.  

Keep in mind that a feeding schedule is very important when potty training a puppy. Feed your puppy twice a day at the same time. Be consistent with this.  It will help your puppy to become regular, and on a potty routine.

Puppy potty training tips  

*  Let puppy outside to use the potty after eating.
*  Let puppy outside to use the potty first thing in the morning
*  Let puppy outside to use the potty before bed.
*  Let puppy outside to use the potty if he looks like he is dancing in circles, or sniffing.

Remember not to yell at your puppy if he has an accident inside. If he soils or poops inside. You need to bring him outside more often to use the potty.   Keep in mind it took you two or three years to learn to become potty trained. It only takes a puppy a couple of weeks. Pretty impressive.

Puppy training will be successful if you use training treats after your puppies goes potty. Your puppy will not always need treats after he uses the potty. Just until he is potty trained. Remember to use positive praise.


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