Thanksgiving Day A Balance Sheet

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Thanksgiving Day is around us. It is a day of gathering and feasting. It is a day of joy with family folk and friends. It is a day of gratitude for everything that we came across. It is a day of checking our Balance Sheet! People are ready to feast on this Thanksgiving day with dinner and all kinds ofentertainments. But it is also a day to go back into oneself and repair the relationships. 

Thanksgiving Day is an yearly gift
To sit and check your love account
To find out where you made the loss
And balance an account of healthy life!

Around the day of Thanksgiving
Shall you think of every loss and gain
Plus and minus make this sum
Do not leave any short detail.

Thanksgiving Day is a day to sit
Alone and along with all your folk
To go back to repair the breech in love
And thank for gain and loss in life!

On this day of Thanksgiving
Shall you list an account of living
Joys and sorrows without forgetting
Both have points in life-making!

The Account Opened on the day of birth,
And will be Closed on the day of death!
In the meantime check this balance sheet
To finish it well with a heavenly treat!

Views and prejudices were Liabilities
To push you in all your possibilities
Creative ideas are all Assets
With daily deeds you do Transact!

Your heart does all your Current Account!
The brain keeps all in Bank Ledgers
Every detail matters much
In the final account of Balance Sheet!

Deeds and words of faithful love
Make them posted in Fixed Deposit!
They will raise your Capital
Assuring Profit in Balance Sheet!

Thoughts propose the daily entries
Moving transactions of words and deeds
Morals and behaviors move the Trade
Which may bring a gain or loss!

Your Love Deposits gain Interest
While patience pays its Dividend due!
They bring you friends as General Reserve
Paying you Bonus now and then!

Your knowledge is the Investment
Experience is Premium Account
Your Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet
With a goal to have a heavenly treat!

Thanksgiving Day is to share account
Having a dinner of thanking feast
Thanking for every Gain or Loss
And thanking God for all Goodwill! 


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