Cata, Elica, Faber, Glen, Hindware, Kaff, Sunflame Electric Chimneys Price List

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Electric Chimneys Price in Indian Rupees

Bajaj HX 1,
Price – Rs. 6450
Bajaj HX 8,
Price – Rs. 14990
Bajaj HX 2,
Price – Rs. 4990
Bajaj HX 7,
Price – Rs. 9990

Cata Linea F 90 BL- C 1000,
Price – Rs.6,640 to 6,990  
Cata Linea F 60 BL- C 1000,
Price – Rs.5,652 to 5,950   
Cata Clasica Black – C 3000,
Price – Rs.25,640 to 26,990   
Cata RS Series 60 Inox- C 2000,
Price – Rs.11,865 to 12,990
Cata V Series 90 – C 2000,
Price – Rs.11,390 to 12,990  
Cata V Series 60- C 2000,
Price – Rs.10,440 to 10,990   
Cata Linea TF 60 SS – C 1000,
Price – Rs.8,065 to 8,490   
Cata Omega Series 90 Inox- C 2000,
Price – Rs.17,090 to 17,990  
Cata Linea TF 90 SS – C 1000,
Price – Rs.9,015 to 9,490   
Cata C 600 Glass Black,
Price – Rs.19,990  
Cata Olimpia – C 3000 ,
Price – Rs.31,340 to 32,990
Cata c-700 Glass Series – C 2000,
Price – Rs.19,940 to 21,990   
Cata Isla Isolux VL3 Inox- C 3000 Cata Isla Isolux VL3 Inox- C 3000,
Price – Rs.49,990   
Cata Linea I 60 WH – C 1000,
Price – Rs.8,540 to 8,990
Cata Linea P 60 BL – C 1000,
Price – Rs.6,127 to 6,450  
Cata Omega Series 60 Inox – C 2000,
Price – Rs.16,140 to 16,990  
Cata RS Series 90 Black- C 2000,
Price – Rs.11,865 to 12,990   
Cata Neblia Series 90 Inox – C 2000,
Price – Rs.24,690 to 25,990   
Cata Pyramide 90 Inox,
Price – Rs.22,790  
Cata c-900 BL Glass Series – C 2000,
Price – Rs.19,940 to 21,990
Cata Neblia Series 70 Inox – C 2000,
Price – Rs.22,790 to 23,990   
Cata Linea P 90 SS – C 1000,
Price – Rs.8,217   
Price – Rs.89,990
Price – Rs.54,990   
Cata Omega Series 60 Black – C 2000,
Price – Rs.15,190   
Cata W Series 70 Inox- C 2000,
Price – Rs.13,765   
Cata Linea P 90 BL – C 1000,
Price – Rs.7,077  
Cata c-900 Glass Series – C 2000,
Price – Rs.20,890 to 22,990   
Cata Beta 1200 – C 3000,
Price – Rs.28,490 to 29,990   
Cata Clasica Inox / Wh – C 3000,
Price – Rs.28,490 to 29,990   
Cata Q Series 90 Copper – C 2000,
Price – Rs.22,315 to 23,490  
Cata Q Series 60 Inox – C 2000,
Price – Rs.18,040 to 18,990   
Cata RS Series 90 Inox- C 2000,
Price – Rs.12,815 to 13,990
Cata S Series 90 Inox,
Price – Rs.28,490 to 29,990   
Cata Linea S Box SS – C 1000,
Price – Rs.9,490   
Cata S Series 70 Inox,
Price – Rs.27,540  
Cata Pyramide 60 Inox,
Price – Rs.21,840   
Cata Isla-L 90 – C 2000,
Price – Rs.44,990   
Cata creta 90 Inox – C 3000,
Price – Rs.52,990   
Cata S Series 60 Inox,
Price – Rs.26,590
Cata W Series 90 Inox- C 2000,
Price – Rs.15,190
Cata W Series 60 Inox – C 2000,
Price – Rs.13,765   
Cata Linea S Box Black – C 1000,
Price – Rs.8,540   
Price – Rs.16,990
Price – Rs.26,990   
Price – Rs.43,990  
Price – Rs.18,990   
Price – Rs.57,990
Price – Rs.41,990
Cata Q Series 60 Copper – C 2000,
Price – Rs.20,890 to 21,990  
Cata Q Series 90 Inox – C 2000,
Price – Rs.18,990 to 19,990   
Price – Rs.27,990   
Cata W Series 60 BL – C 2000,
Price – Rs.12,815

Elba HC 920 SS,
Price – Rs. 8100
Elba HC 610 SS,
Price – Rs. 5200
Elba Allure HMC 6184 X,
Price – Rs. 22600
Elba ASSET HMC 9364 GLX,
Price – Rs. 37300
Elba Allure HMC 9184 X,
Price – Rs. 27200
Elba Allure HMC 9144 X,
Price – Rs. 20900
Elba Allure HMC 6144 X,
Price – Rs. 18600
Elba ACE HMC 942 X,
Price – Rs. 13900

Elica Missy,
Price – Rs.11,990
Elica Missy,
Price – Rs.11,990
Elica Reef 60 cm,
Price – Rs.17,990 to 22,990   
Elica FS 301 BK LTW,
Price – Rs.9,990   
Elica Slope,
Price – Rs.43,990   
Elica Spot NG 90 cm,
Price – Rs.21,990   
Elica OLA,
Price – Rs.85,990  
Elica Atlantis,
Price – Rs.37,990   
Price – Rs.87,990  
Elica Cube,
Price – Rs.32,990   
Elica Arca PB 60 cm,
Price – Rs.15,990 to 17,990
Elica Spot NG 60 cm,
Price – Rs.18,990   
Elica CH 6 90 cm,
Price – Rs.19,990   
Elica Reef 90 cm,
Price – Rs.24,990   
Elica Wave,
Price – Rs.79,990   
Elica STAR,
Price – Rs.140,000
Elica FS 301 SS LTW,
Price – Rs.10,990
Elica Tribe Island,
Price – Rs.32,990   
Elica Reef Island,
Price – Rs.39,990   
Elica Arca SL 60,
Price – Rs.15,990
Elica CH 6 60 cm,
Price – Rs.16,990   
Elica SKIN,
Price – Rs.99,990
Elica RING,
Price – Rs.54,990   
Elica RING,
Price – Rs.54,990   
Price – Rs.59,990   
Price – Rs.99,990
Elica Arca PB 90 cm,
Price – Rs.18,990 to 20,990   
Elica Arca SL 90,
Price – Rs.18,990   
Elica Bogart,
Price – Rs.41,990
Elica Glacier,
Price – Rs.28,990  

Faber Cleo 700 SS LTW D,
Price – Rs.9,600 to 11,990  
Faber Glassy 910 LTW 60,
Price – Rs.12,800 to 17,990   
Faber STYLE 90 LTW SS,
Price – Rs.11,190 to 13,990
Faber Tender SS LTW 60 (Hip),
Price – Rs.11,992 to 14,990   
Faber CF 601,
Price – Rs.5,000 to 6,590
Faber Cleo 700 LTW SS,
Price – Rs.6,990 to 10,990   
Faber 2740 BK,
Price – Rs.3,500 to 4,990
Faber Cleo 700 LTW SS,
Price – Rs.6,990 to 10,990   
Faber 2740 BK,
Price – Rs.3,500 to 4,990
Faber Classica CF 60 SS,
Price – Rs.8,790 to 10,990  
Faber 2740 SS,
Price – Rs.4,000 to 5,990   
Faber CF 601 SS,
Price – Rs.5,600 to 8,990
Faber SOLARIS 680 LTW 60,
Price – Rs.12,792 to 15,990  
Faber Brio,
Price – Rs.29,992 to 35,990   
Faber Glassy Isola,
Price – Rs.26,400   
Faber Axia,
Price – Rs.45,825   
Faber STYLE 90 LTW BK,
Price – Rs.10,392 to 12,990  
Faber Aura 850 LTW 60,
Price – Rs.14,392 to 17,990
Faber Axia Isola,
Price – Rs.58,325   
Faber Topaz 500 LTW 90,
Price – Rs.13,590 to 17,990  
Faber MARS 60 LTW 720,
Price – Rs.15,990   
Price – Rs.18,392 to 22,990  
Faber SOLARIS 680 LTW 90,
Price – Rs.15,192 to 18,990  
Price – Rs.45,825 to 59,990  
Faber CF 601 BK,
Price – Rs.5,000 to 7,990   
Faber Glassy 850 LTW 90,
Price – Rs.12,990 to 17,990   
Price – Rs.18,392 to 22,990  
Faber Tender SS LTW 90,
Price – Rs.14,392 to 17,990   
Faber Classica CF 90 SS,
Price – Rs.11,192 to 13,990   
Faber Matrix,
Price – Rs.63,000   
Faber MARS 850 LTW 60,
Price – Rs.11,500 to 13,600
Faber GLASSY 500 LTW 90,
Price – Rs.12,792 to 15,990
Faber CF 601 SS D,
Price – Rs.6,990 to 9,990   
Price – Rs.17,592 to 21,990  
Faber Stilo dx LTW 90,
Price – Rs.24,000   
Faber Cubia Isola,
Price – Rs.46,658 to 55,990
Faber Mirror,
Price – Rs.66,658 to 89,990   
Faber Axia Plus Isola,
Price – Rs.58,400 to 79,990  
Faber Royale,
Price – Rs.46,658 to 55,990   
Price – Rs.66,658 to 84,990   
Price – Rs.46,658 to 55,990  
Faber GLASSY 500 LTW 60,
Price – Rs.11,192 to 13,990
Price – Rs.31,992 to 39,990   
Faber Arco 90 Plus,
Price – Rs.16,000 to 17,990   
Faber CF 601 BK D,
Price – Rs.7,192 to 8,990   
Faber Stilo 850 LTW 60,
Price – Rs.15,000 to 24,990
Faber TOPAZ 500 LTW 90,
Price – Rs. 16990
Faber Glassy 850 ISOLA 90,
Price – Rs.26,392 to 32,990
Faber Hood 2905,
Price – Rs. 4100
Faber Glassy Hip,
Price – Rs. 17990
Faber Mars LTW,
Price – Rs. 19990
Faber Triangolo Isola,
Price – Rs. 69990
Faber Astra,
Price – Rs. 36990
Faber Astra Isola,
Price – Rs. 35464
Faber 2906 80 SS,
Price – Rs.8,990   
Faber vitrum ltw 60,
Price – Rs.18,990   
Faber Perla energy ltw 90,
Price – Rs.24,990   
Price – Rs.15,992 to 19,990
Faber Perla Energy LTW 60,
Price – Rs.21,990   
Price – Rs.15,192 to 18,990
Faber Orizonte,
Price – Rs.55,990

Glen ST GL 6014 SS PB BF,
Price – Rs.6,990   
Glen GL-6054 SS 60cm 1000m3 BF,
Price – Rs.13,990   
Glen ST GL 6001 SS PB BF,
Price – Rs.5,990   
Glen GL-6054 SS 90cm 1000m3 BF,
Price – Rs.15,990
Glen ST GL 6011 BLFSS,
Price – Rs.4,990  
Glen ST GL 6001 SS SL CF,
Price – Rs.5,990   
Glen GL 6056 BF SS 60 cm,
Price – Rs.19,990
Glen GL 1036IS,
Price – Rs.45,990  
Glen Gl 6067 SS 60 Cm,
Price – Rs.20,990
Glen GL 1000IS ,
Price – Rs.42,990   
Glen Gl 6066 SS,
Price – Rs.25,900
Glen GL-6054 SS 90cm 750m3 BF,
Price – Rs.12,990   
Glen GL 6054 SS ,
Price – Rs. 12990
Glen GL 6056 BF SS 90 cm,
Price – Rs. 26900
Glen GL6002 SSPBBF,
Price – Rs. 8490

Hafele CH910,
Price – Rs.38,880  
Hafele CH912,
Price – Rs.19,872   
Hafele CH911,
Price – Rs.40,896

Hindware Alina,
Price – Rs. 22990
Hindware Coral,
Price – Rs. 39990
Hindware Panorama,
Price – Rs. 21990
Hindware Essence,
Price – Rs. 24990
Hindware Rubella 60,
Price – Rs. 19990
Hindware Caesar,
Price – Rs. 8990
Hindware Magna,
Price – Rs. 18990
Hindware Turbo 60,
Price – Rs. 14990
Hindware Gemini,
Price – Rs.14,500
Hindware Rubella 90,
Price – Rs.18,000 to 20,000   
Hindware Princess S (90),
Price – Rs.16,990   
Hindware Leon 60 (SSF),
Price – Rs.14,500 to 16,500
Hindware Gini (S) 60,
Price – Rs.13,700 to 14,500
Hindware Neptune,
Price – Rs. 15990
Hindware Liliput,
Price – Rs. 16990
Hindware Gini 90,
Price – Rs. 21990
Hindware Sheeba,
Price – Rs. 27990
Hindware Diana,
Price – Rs. 29990
Hindware Troy,
Price – Rs. 28990
Hindware Lisa,
Price – Rs. 14990
Hindware Elaisa 60 SS,
Price – Rs. 26990

IFB Noir,
Price – Rs. 89990
IFB Olimpia 90 ,
Price – Rs. 14990
IFB Arco,
Price – Rs. 15490
IFB Olimpia 60 ,
Price – Rs. 9990
IFB Myra,
Price – Rs. 64990
IFB Astra,
Price – Rs. 59900
IFB Alea,
Price – Rs. 69990
IFB Miro,
Price – Rs. 85990
IFB Dama,
Price – Rs. 79990
IFB N3-S ,
Price – Rs. 6990
Price – Rs. 11990

Inalsa Elegant BS,
Price – Rs. 6490
Inalsa Apex 60,
Price – Rs. 13500
Inalsa Elegant BK,
Price – Rs. 5990
Inalsa Prizma BK,
Price – Rs. 7490
Inalsa Prima BK – Black,
Price – Rs. 7890
Inalsa Elite 90,
Price – Rs. 22900
Inalsa Prima BS,
Price – Rs. 7990
Inalsa Trendy 60,
Price – Rs. 14900
Inalsa Zenith 90 ,
Price – Rs. 16900
Inalsa Crescent,
Price – Rs. 15900

Price – Rs. 9500
Kaff Theme 90,
Price – Rs. 9990
Kaff PERMO-60,
Price – Rs.19,990  
Kaff Mabel LX 90 cm,
Price – Rs.21,990   
Kaff Vega 90,
Price – Rs.28,000 to 29,990
Kaff Max 90,
Price – Rs.18,990   
Kaff Coment 60,
Price – Rs.23,990   
Price – Rs.20,490   
Kaff VELUX-60,
Price – Rs.16,990
Kaff INCEL DX-90,
Price – Rs.42,990  
Kaff Virgin ISLAND,
Price – Rs.59,990   
Kaff Expo,
Price – Rs.7,990   
Kaff Max 60,
Price – Rs.9,750 to 14,990   
Kaff Marika,
Price – Rs.29,990  
Kaff Ideal 90,
Price – Rs.20,990   
Kaff Modena,
Price – Rs.42,990   
Kaff Ideal 60,
Price – Rs.17,990
Kaff Mabel LX 60 cm,
Price – Rs.16,990  
kaff Vetra,
Price – Rs.20,990
Kaff Hawk ISLAND,
Price – Rs.107,990   
Kaff Theme 60,
Price – Rs.6,490 to 8,990   
Kaff Diamante 90,
Price – Rs. 48990
Kaff Concorde 90,
Price – Rs. 39990
Kaff Excellence 90,
Price – Rs. 45990
Kaff FINN 90,
Price – Rs. 17990
Kaff VELUX-90,
Price – Rs. 16990
Kaff STAN 60,
Price – Rs. 6400
kaff G Matic,
Price – Rs. 46000

Kutchina Vetra,
Price – Rs.9,990   
Kutchina Karizma,
Price – Rs.6,490   
Kutchina Sleek,
Price – Rs.9,990  
Kutchina Velva,
Price – Rs.8,990   
Kutchina Angela,
Price – Rs.16,990   
Kutchina Vogue SS,
Price – Rs.14,490  
Peacock PC 0907-600,
Price – Rs.13,280   
Peacock PC 0990-600,
Price – Rs.12,000   
Peacock PC 0907-900,
Price – Rs.16,240   
Peacock PC 0522-900 ISLAND,
Price – Rs.28,800
Peacock PC 0990-900,
Price – Rs.14,800   
Peacock PC 0909-600,
Price – Rs.10,000  

Prestige SKH 600PC,
Price – Rs.3,500   
Prestige GKH 900S,
Price – Rs.12,527 to 14,500  
Prestige Classic Steel 60 CM,
Price – Rs.9,097   
Prestige GKH 600S,
Price – Rs.10,497  

Sleek Angelena 60,
Price – Rs.6,700   
Sleek Natasha,
Price – Rs.15,500  

Sunflame Sophia 90,
Price – Rs. 12400
Sunflame Milano 90,
Price – Rs. 19900
Sunflame Roma 90,
Price – Rs. 17900
Sunflame Palio-SS,
Price – Rs. 8590
Sunflame Cupo SS ,
Price – Rs. 9590
Sunflame Cupo BK ,
Price – Rs. 9600
Sunflame Domo,
Price – Rs. 16400
Sunflame Serra SS,
Price – Rs. 8390
Sunflame Serra BK,
Price – Rs. 7690
Sunflame Phoenix 60,
Price – Rs. 19900

Ultrafresh SPICE 75,
Price – Rs. 12950
Ultrafresh SELECT 75,
Price – Rs. 7675
Ultrafresh TULSI O2 FRESH 60,
Price – Rs. 8950
Ultrafresh SLEEK,
Price – Rs. 11450
Ultrafresh TULSI 02 FRESH 75,
Price – Rs. 9450
Ultrafresh ACME 60,
Price – Rs. 7250
Ultrafresh TINA,
Price – Rs. 8950
Price – Rs. 10950

Usha Calypso 60 CM,
Price – Rs. 12490
Usha Cabana 90 CM,
Price – Rs. 12490
Usha Ergo 90 CM,
Price – Rs. 11990
Usha Aviator 60 CM,
Price – Rs. 10990
Usha Fontana 90 CM,
Price – Rs. 19990
Usha Previa 60 CM,
Price – Rs. 10490
Usha Elentra 90 CM,
Price – Rs. 13990

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Avg, Bitdefender, Escan, Esecure, Gdata, K7, Kaspersky, Mcafee, Norton, Quick Heal, Symantec, Trend Micro, Winzip Security Softwares Price List

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Cooler Master, Gigabyte, Iball, Prime Source, Thermaltake, Zebronics Cabinets Price List

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Adata, Corsair, Dynet, Gskill, Hynix, Kingston, Mushkin, Transcend, Zion Ram (1Gb, 2Gb, 256 Mb, 512Mb) Price List

Asrock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte, Intel, Millenium, Msi Motherboards Price List

Apc, Fsp, Iball, Gigabyte, Microtek, Powersafe, Seasonic, Tagan, Wipro Ups Price List

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Creative, Enter, Hp, Iball, Logitech, Microsoft, Quantum, Travelpac Web Cameras (100K, 200K, 300K, 400K, 500K, 600K, 700K, 800K) Price List

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