Bajaj, Black And Decker, Glen, Milton, Nova, Prestige Electric Cookers & Kettles Price List

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Electric Cookers & Kettles Price in Indian Rupees

Bajaj KTX 7 Cordless Kettle,
Price – Rs. 1299
Bajaj ICX6 Induction Cooker,
Price – Rs. 3595
Bajaj ICX 7 Induction Cooker,
Price – Rs. 2999
Bajaj 1Ltr Cordless Kettle
Price – Rs. 786
Bajaj Majesty KTX 9 Stainless Steel Kettle
Price – Rs. 1,625
Bajaj 1.7litre Cordless Electric Kettle
Price – Rs. 836

Birla Lifestyle BEL-37 Cordless Kettle,
Price – Rs. 1060
Birla Lifestyle BEL-35 RT Cordless Kettle,
Price – Rs. 1625
Birla Lifestyle BEL-009 Cordless Kettle,
Price – Rs. 1095
Birla Lifestyle BEL 666 Cordless Kettle,
Price – Rs. 1795

Black And Decker Deep Fryer EF1220,
Price – Rs.3,999 to 4,395
Black And Decker JA08 Travel Kettle
Price – Rs.958
Black And Decker 1.8 Ltr Kettle JC 62,
Price – Rs.2,399  
Black And Decker JC 100 1 Lt. Cordless Pan Kettle
Price – Rs.2,270
Black And Decker 1.5 Ltr Concealed Coilsteel Kettle JC 68,
Price – Rs. 3095
Black And Decker 1.8 Ltr Kettle JC 68,
Price – Rs. 4225
Black And Decker EF45 Deep Fryer,
Price – Rs. 3760
Black And Decker EF40 2.5 Ltr Deep Fryer,
Price – Rs. 6395
Black And Decker 1.7 Ltr Concealed Coil Pan Kettle JC 62,
Price – Rs. 2795
Black And Decker 1 Lt Concealed Coil Kettle JC10,
Price – Rs. 2495
Black And Decker 1.7 Ltr Concelaed Coil SS Kettle,
Price – Rs. 4784
Black And Decker 1.7 ltr Kettle JC 25,
Price – Rs. 2300
Black And Decker 1.8 Ltr Kettle JC 10,
Price – Rs. 3380

Boss Swan Tea Kettle 1 Ltr B-803,
Price – Rs.772
Boss Royal Tea Kettle 1.2 Ltr – B-801,
Price – Rs.1,381

Desire Electric Induction Cooker + Free Special Kadai,
Price – Rs. 5000
Desire Electric Induction Cooker + 3 pcs Cookware Set Combo,
Price – Rs. 10000

Fabiano Induction Cooker IC-013,
Price – Rs. 2690
Fabiano Induction Cooker IC-012,
Price – Rs. 3090
Fabiano Induction Cooker IC-015,
Price – Rs. 2890
Fabiano Induction Cooker FAB-018,
Price – Rs. 3990
Fabiano Induction Cooker IC-014,
Price – Rs. 2790
Fabiano Induction Cooker IC-014,
Price – Rs. 2790

Glen Induction Cooker GL 3071,
Price – Rs.2,290
GLEN Kettles -GL 9003,
Price – Rs. 2115
Glen GL 3070 Induction Cooker,
Price – Rs.2,899
GLEN Kettles -GL 9002,
Price – Rs.1,250
GLEN Kettles -GL 9004 INOX,
Price – Rs. 2511
GLEN Kettles -GL 9005,
Price – Rs. 1883

Inalsa Travel Mate Electric Kettle
Price – Rs.1,179
Inalsa Mist 1.7 L ,
Price – Rs. 2395
Inalsa Elba,
Price – Rs. 1595
Italia Cordless kettle 1.5L,
Price – Rs. 787
Inalsa Travelmate,
Price – Rs. 1395
Inalsa Perfecto,
Price – Rs. 1195
Inalsa Vapor DX
Price – Rs.1,022

Italia Induction cooker,
Price – Rs. 2625
Italia Cordless kettle 1.7L,
Price – Rs. 1095

Kaff KFR 30 SS Deep Fryer,
Price – Rs.19,990   

Kenwood DF310 1kg cool wall Round deep fryer,
Price – Rs. 4990

Kutchina Novello Induction Cooker ,
Price – Rs.6,490   
Kutchina Sapphire Induction Cooker ,
Price – Rs.5,490

Maharaja Whiteline Electric Kettle EK-172 SS,
Price – Rs. 1995

Milton Thermosteel Elfin 500 ml,
Price – Rs.399  
Milton Thermosteel Flask 1000 ml,
Price – Rs.649 to 716  
Milton Thermosteel 500 With 2 Steel Cup,
Price – Rs.899   
Milton Thermosteel Acme 900 Vaccum Flask ,
Price – Rs.572   
Milton Thermosteel Optima – 420 Ml Vaccum Flask,
Price – Rs.389
Milton Thermosteel Bullet Flask – 750 ml,
Price – Rs.632   
Milton Thermosteel Omega – 750 Ml Vaccum Flask ,
Price – Rs.725  
Milton Thermosteel Flask 500 ml,
Price – Rs.425 to 480
Milton Thermosteel Flask 350 ml,
Price – Rs.368
Milton Thermosteel Tuscani 3 Container,
Price – Rs.999 to 1,085   
Milton Thermosteel Elfin 160 ml,
Price – Rs.318
Milton Thermosteel Carafe 2 ltr,
Price – Rs.1,250
Milton Insulated Vacuum Flask – 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 225
Milton Thermosteel Elfin 300 ml,
Price – Rs.349 to 367  
Milton Thermosteel Carafe 0.6 ltr,
E Price – Rs.724  
Milton Thermosteel Tuscani 4 Container,
Price – Rs.1,250 to 1,315
Milton Thermosteel Acme 400 Vaccum Flask ,
Price – Rs.384
Milton Thermosteel Carafe 1.5 ltr,
Price – Rs.1,063  
Milton Armour Flask 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 185
Milton Carolina Flask 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 175
Milton Thermosteel Press NPour 3000 Ml Vaccum Flask ,
Price – Rs. 1872
Milton Carolina Flask 300 ml,
Price – Rs. 156
Milton Cafetressa Flask 300 ml,
Price – Rs. 162
Milton Eiffel 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 215
Milton thermosteel flask,
Price – Rs. 1195
Milton Elite 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 185
Milton Ellie Flask 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 225
Milton Crystal Flask 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 225
Milton Nancy Flask 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 233
Milton Elite 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 244
Milton Eiffel 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 175
Milton Imagination Flask 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 212
Milton Carolla Flask,
Price – Rs. 215
Milton Carolina Flask 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 225
Milton Ellie Flask 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 358
Milton Pot Flask 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 344
Milton Armour Flask 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 244
Milton Pot Flask 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 233
Milton Vienna Flask 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 248
Milton Imagination Flask 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 253
Milton Crystal Flask 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 279
Milton Thermosteel Acme 600 Vaccum Flask ,
Price – Rs. 427
Milton Cafetressa Flask 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 215
Milton Thermosteel Press NPour 2500 Ml ,
Price – Rs. 1768
Milton Thermosteel Press NPour 3500 Ml Vaccum Flask,
Price – Rs. 1977
Milton Cafetressa Flask 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 313
Milton Thermosteel Carafe 1 ltr,
Price – Rs. 912
Milton Nancy Flask 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 303
Milton Cafetressa Flask 750 ml,
Price – Rs. 272

Morphy Richards Travel Jug Kettle Voyager 300,
Price – Rs.1,249 to 1,365
Morphy Richards Travel Jug Kettle (PP),
Price – Rs.1,224 to 1,275  
Morphy Richards Voyager 200,
Price – Rs.1,235  
Morphy Richards Essential Jug Kettle  ,
Price – Rs.1,399
Morphy Richards Rapdio Electric Kettle,
Price – Rs.1,985  
Morphy Richards Bonito Electric Kettle,
Price – Rs. 2395
Morphy Richards Electric Kettle – SR18,
Price – Rs. 2085
Morphy Richards Bello Electric Kettle,
Price – Rs. 1995

Nova TC-1550,
Price – Rs. 1399
Nova HP-1601,
Price – Rs. 1049
Nova KT-722C,
Price – Rs. 799
Nova KT – 724 1L Cordless Kettle,
Price – Rs. 625
Nova KT-721C,
Price – Rs. 549
Nova IC – 1551 Induction With Pot,
Price – Rs. 1940
Nova KT – 726 1L Cordless Kettle,
Price – Rs. 660
Nova IC-1557,
Price – Rs. 2799
Nova IC-1556,
Price – Rs. 2199
Nova IC-1555,
Price – Rs. 2249
Nova DF-751,
Price – Rs. 1499
Nova KT – 725 1.2L Cordless Kettle,
Price – Rs. 740

Paasapahce Energy Efficient Induction Cooking Stove + 4pcs of Cookware,
Price – Rs. 7499
Paasapahce Energy Efficient Electric Induction Cooking Stove + Free Special Kadai with Lid,
Price – Rs. 6999
Panasonic NCEH22P 2.2 Liter Hot Water Thermo Pot,
Price – Rs. 3395
Panasonic NCEH30P 3 Litre Electric Thermo Pot,
Price – Rs. 3595
Panasonic NC-TWS22,
Price – Rs. 3490
Panasonic NC-BH30P,
Price – Rs. 3990

Phiilps HD4419,
Price – Rs.5,399 to 5,495
Philips HD4649,
Price – Rs.2,495 to 2,595  
Philips HD4680/80,
Price – Rs.1,895   
Philips HD4681-80,
Price – Rs.2,895   
Philips HD4608/70,
Price – Rs.1,621 to 1,895
Philips HD 4686 Stylish Kettle,
Price – Rs.6,395   
Philips HD4690,
Price – Rs.8,895
Price – Rs. 2895

Pigeon Rapido Plus Induction Cook Top,
Price – Rs.2,876 to 2,925
Pigeon Rapido Touch Induction Cook Top,
Price – Rs.3,196   
Pigeon Stainless Steel School Bottle – 220ml,
Price – Rs.254
Pigeon Stainless Steel Water Bottle 1000ml,
Price – Rs. 799
Pigeon Stainless Steel Water Bottle 750ml,
Price – Rs. 649

Prestige Induction Cooktop PIC 2.0
Price – Rs.3,370
Prestige Induction Cooktop PIC 2.0
Price – Rs.3,370
Prestige Induction Cook-Top PIC 1.0
Price – Rs.2,695
Prestige PKPW 1.7Ltr Electric Kettle,
Price – Rs.745   
Prestige Induction Cook-Top PIC 3.0,
Price – Rs.3,327 to 3,795   
Prestige Electric Kettle 1 Lt – PKPW 1.0,
Price – Rs.704 to 755
Prestige PKPWC 1.7Ltr Electric Kettle,
Price – Rs.912
Prestige Electric Kettle 0.6 Lt – PKPW 0.6,
Price – Rs.620 to 660   
Prestige PIC 1.0 Dlx Induction Cooktop,
Price – Rs.3,160  
Prestige Tea Maker,
Price – Rs. 2495
Prestige Kettles Red PKPDR,
Price – Rs. 1045
Prestige PKPPC 1.0 Electric Kettle,
Price – Rs. 1045
Prestige PKPBC 1.0 Electric Kettle,
Price – Rs. 1095
Prestige PKSS 1.0 Electric Kettle,
Price – Rs. 1295
Prestige PKSS 1Ltr Electric Kettle,
Price – Rs. 1295

Signora Care SCIC 1207 Induction Cooker,
Price – Rs. 3895
Signora Care SCIC 1205 Induction Cooker,
Price – Rs. 3495
Signora Care SCEK 906,
Price – Rs. 1295
Signora Care SCEK 905,
Price – Rs. 995
Signora Care SCEK 907,
Price – Rs. 1595

Usha Lexus Electric Kettle-2410S,
Price – Rs. 1995
Usha Lexus Electric Kettle-2217,
Price – Rs. 1695
Usha Lexus Electric Kettle-2712,
Price – Rs. 1595

VOX Energy Efficient Easy Cooking Stove + Free Special Kadai with Lid + Classic 1 Gram Gold Jewellery,
Price – Rs.2,999
VOX Energy Efficient Electric Induction Cooking Stove + Free Special Kadai with Lid,
Price – Rs. 6999
VOX Halogen Cooking Stove with Free Grill Stand,
Price – Rs. 4999

Wama WMIC02 Induction Cooker,
Price – Rs.2,219
Wama WMEK03 Cordless Kettle,
Price – Rs.1,435 to 1,478
Wama WMHP 02 Hot Plate,
Price – Rs.1,149   
Wama Travel Kettle – WMEK01,
Price – Rs.1,080 to 1,108   
Wama WMEK04 Cordless Kettle,
Price – Rs.1,040 to 1,066
Whirlpool AKT 326 Deep fryer,
Price – Rs. 40000

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