Diabetes, The Hidden Epidemic

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An astonishing 66 million Asians have this life threatening disease but half of the people don’t know about it. Many set aside it or no they don’t have any idea about this hidden epidemic.

                Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the amount of the glucose in the blood is too high. Normally, insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas, helps turn blood glucose into immediate energy or stores it in cells. But if insufficient insulin is produced or if the pancreas does not work properly, the glucose remains trapped in the blood, causing damage to blood vessels, nerves and tissues.

                According to medical experts there were ten lists of symptoms that should send you to your doctor:

                1. Abnormal or intense thirst

                2. Frequent, unexplained urination

                3. Frequent hunger

                4. Sudden, unexplained weight loss

                5. Slow-healing cuts, bruises or skin infections

                6. Recurrent infections

                7. Alternating clear and blurred vision

                8. Unexplained weakness and extreme exhaustion

                9. Genital itching or impotence

                10. Tingling and numbness in feet

                Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease, as a result of nerve damage known as peripheral neuropathy, wounds and infections are harder to heal, and chronic foot ulcers and amputations more likely, in half of the men over age of 50 who have diabetes, nerve and vascular damage leads to impotence. It may also affect the small blood vessels of the retina at the back of the eye and is the common cause of blindness among Asians over 30.

                Sometimes there are no symptoms or people don’t recognize the warnings, thinking it as a result of age or stress.

                To avoid from this epidemic disease, here are some tips listed below:

                 1. Have a doctor’s check-up to have a simple glucose test. By seeing your doctor, you are providing a baseline for your health so that you can monitor any pre-diabetes symptoms. This will help you to develop a comprehensive plan to fight the disease.

                2. Eat balanced-diet. There were different kinds of healthy foods to choose that will develop a                 healthy eating plan which will help you adopt lifelong, healthy eating habits. Eat the right foods                 and stay healthy.

                3. Regular Exercise. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle needs a self-disciplined through physical        exercise and improves your physical vigor

                4. Drink Vitamins. Specific vitamins boost your health and will improve your healthy lifestyle.     Recommendations from the doctor for the right vitamins before taking in is important to insure       that they will work well with your overall health, eating and exercise plan.

                5. Healthy environment. Good and healthy environment decreases the chances of having an    illness. A healthy lifestyle comes from with healthy environment.

                Don’t wait for the symptoms to come. Protect yourself from diabetes through adopting a healthy lifestyle.


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