Introducing Pocket pc

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                           Introducing Pocket PC

You would be able to learn about pocket PC and it’s programs
Discover how pocket PC caann help organize your life while on the move
Find out how to access the internet using pocket PC

Your PC is an extremly versatile tool. You can use it to manage your diary and contact details, send and receive e-mail or organize your personal finances.however, how do you access all these great features when you are away from your away from your desk?
          Pocket PC, Mircosoft’s version of windows for palm-sized PCs, enables you literally carry a computer in your pocket. Pocket PC icludes many of the application found on windows desktop computers, such as Word Excel and Internet Explorer, and has calendar and contact list built in. Because it looks like windows, Pocket PC is simple to use. And, linking it to yourPC to swap data, known as ‘sychronizing,’ is easy.

  Small is beautiful
With pocket PC, you. canhave access to your agenda, contactslists, spreadsheets amd e-mail wherever you are.

Computer program
(Bold) pocket PC comes with a range of built in applications designed to help you get the most out of your palm-sized PC. All these programs can share infotmation with their related applications on your desktop computer

Many of pocket PC’s applications are designed to look like windows programs so users familar with Windows will find them quiick and easy to use.

Pocket Outlook
Pocket Outlook is similar to Outlook on your main PC, and is divided into five main sections: Inbox, Calendar, Contact, Task and Notes. This means you can carry all your contact details wherever you go. As well as being able to access your main computer’s e-mail account, pocket Outlook enables you create to-do lists and enter appointments, birthdays, contact deatils and notes. You can use today application in Pocket Outlook to co-ordinate all your information. This useful sections brings together your entries and reminders on a single screen, and let’s you know if you have any unread e-mail or pressing appointments

Pocket Word
Pocket PC includes similar to Microsoft Word which you can use to open, create and save documents. You can also use program to read and edit word documents downloaded from your PC

Pocket Excel
You can Pocket Excel to read and edit spreadsheet created in Excel on your PC. You can create new spreadshhets, for example to organize home or business accounts. Good Idea: Try to sychronize your pocket PC and computer once a day that way both computers will stay as up-to-date as possible.

          Connecting your palmtop to a PC
There are two main ways you can connect palmtops and PCs: USB and older RS-232 or RS-422 serial ports. Every PC has the at least one RS-232/422 serial port. Most modern PCs will two USB ports as well. USB can transfer data at higher speeds than the RS-232 or RS-422 serial ports, so use the USB connection f your palmtop supports it.

Mobile Internet
(Bold) Pocket PC the lets you surf the internet as well as helping you to send and receive e-mail wherever you go. You can get online using a pocket PC palmtop in a variety different ways.

Getting online: Pocket PC comes with a built-in version of Internet Explorer which allows you to browse web sites downloaded Via ActiveSync from your PC. Pocket PC’s Outlook program manages your e-mail inbox and outbox. You ca read e-mail downloaded from your main computer in the inbox, and compose message in reply. If you have a modem for yourpalmtop, you can send and receive e-mail and browse the web directly using your Pocket PC device.
There are three options to directly connect to the internet:

* A built-in modem. You will need to connect this either to a mobile phone or to a landline
* A mobile phone with a modem built into it can connect to your palmtop using a special cable
* An add -on, such as CompactFlash modems, gives you internet access directly from your palmtop PC.

        Relax with Pocket PC

(Bold) Whether you want to play music, organize your life or catch up on your reading, Pocket PC come with lots of software designed to perform a variety of fucntions.

Microsoft Reader
This displays e-book( special eletronics books) on your pocket PC device
Using Microsoft’s speclial ClearType display technolgy. You can highlight text, place bookmarks in the text, place bookmarks in the text and even add your own notes or drawings

You can use PockeOutlook’s
Notes to draw on screen with the stylus. This is very useful if you need to draw a map, jot down a quit shopping list, or want to write yourself a quik remainder.

Window Media Player
Pocket PC’s Media Player plays music in MP3 and windows Media Formats, as well as digital video. You can download files from your PC and transfer them onto your palmtop,or download directly to your device.
The Media  player can also be used at the same time as other application, such as  Word which means you can listen to music through personal stereo headphones while you work.

How can I enter text quickly into my pocket PC device?
If you find the built-in character recognition difficult to follow, you can use theon-screen keyboard to tap out letters. Pocket PC includes a dictionary which guesses words as you write them. By recognizing the first few letters of a word, the dictionary provides a suitable suggestion for inclusion. All you do is to tap suggested word rather than type the remaining letters.

Can I get handwriting recognition software for my pocket PC?
Yes. ParaGraph’s software allows you to use crusive handwriting on touch sentitive screen. The software converts your writing into text

Can I add more software to my pocket PC?
There’s lots of additional software for Pocket PC. Some of this is freeware or shareware.

Are there any games for Pocket PC?
Yes. Pocket PC comes with a version of solitaire pre-installed and there are plenty of other games, from trivia tests to strategy challenges, that you can download from net.

How to quit Pocket PC application
None of the programs supplied with Pocket PC has an ‘exit’ funtion built in. This is because Pocket PC is designed to work with lots of applications running at the same time- you simply click on a program’s icon or menu item to switch to it. However, if a program is causing a problem, or you need to free up memory for another application, you can quit most programs by calling up the on screen keyboard and tapping Ctrl followed by Q.
Hope you have learnt much about Pocket PC.


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