Depression -Tips to Avoid it

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Depression can completely paralyze your life if you give in to it. Your life will be a journey of unhappiness, failures and complete helplessness if your mind is tuned to the negative aspect of your life. Why do you get depressed? There are various factors which contribute your depression which gains an upper hand immobilizing your day to day activity. The loss of a loved one, heavy loss in business, unexpected accidents, disease are some the factors that contribute towards depression.

If you go on brooding about what has happened to you intensifies your feeling of depression. You get into certain bouts of depression in your life but you are resilient enough to get over it and go about your normal business. It is quiet natural, but a depressive person literally lives with his depressive thoughts, alienating himself from the society and has nil self-respect. If you have the tendency to be depressive you make your family members sad and helpless.

You can get over the feeling of depression if you work at it. Do not be alone as it aggravates your depressive mood. Be among your family members, talk with them, and share your feelings with them. You will find your mood changing. Family has a great role in helping your depressed family member. Do not remind him of his failures or mistakes. Boost his morale in such away that his confidence level gets high.

Learn to control your feeling of helplessness. There is no person in this world that has been created by god to experience only failures. Failure and success are part of every one’s life. If you fail, you must not cower in a corner with depression, but stand up again to attack your failure with a fighting spirit.

Do not be dependent on others for your happiness. Try to lead an emotionally detached life. That does not mean you should not love a person. The simple truth is that you should not become too possessive in your love for your children, parents or family. Your possessiveness will lead you to feel unwanted if you have to share your love. Your possessiveness of your children will cause you unhappiness when they move away from you to lead their own life. Instead it is better if you accept the fact that your children are individuals having the right to lead their own life. Feel proud in their success and take a step back to let them enjoy their own life. If you continue to be possessive about them the result would be depressiveness.

Have you lost a loved one? I know how terribly lost and depressed you feel. I myself underwent a bout of depression when I lost my husband. Those were the nightmarish days. I would think god was cruel and I was the most unlucky woman on earth. I was unhappy and I made my daughter’s life a torture. It was with great will power I pulled myself together to do my duty as a single parent. Now I have my husband with me spiritually and I enjoy the success and happiness of my daughter.

Everyone is gifted with some talents like painting, singing or you might enjoy reading. Do what relaxes you most. Have trust in your efficiency. You will come out of your depression if you develop a sense of self confidence in you. You are a worthy person, and acknowledge it. Spend time with your friends

Practice yoga or meditate. It will soothe your emotions and give your brain a clarity which makes you rationalize your emotions and come out with a solution. Always visualize your life in a happy state of mind. Keep yourself busy and avoid your mind being cluttered by negative thinking.

Lastly, practice happiness.

 As Albert Ellis said ‘You largely constructed your depression. It wasn’t given to you. Therefore, you can deconstruct it.’

Yes, everything depends on your willingness to get out of the abyss of depression you got yourself into. Step out of your depression to welcome the world with wide arms and happy smile. Be born a new person, feeding only positive thoughts in your brain which in turn will give monumental power and courage to face whatever hardships, failure or loss you might experience. If you are able to master your feeling of depression you will be able to enjoy happiness in this beautiful world.


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