Role of Secretary And Receptionist

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 Role of A Secretary and a Receptionist

Secretary and Receptionist are two important sections in ant organization and both have different roles, functions and duties to perform contrary to popular misunderstanding that there are one an and the same jobs
Who is A secretary?
The word ”secretary” simply means a person who works in an `office and manages the organization. Whereas a secretary is more of a personal assistant or administrative assistant, the secretary is one of most essential components in a business firm because he helps makes the wheel of the organization turn. Secretaries are the protective walls and gates along the corridors and within the secrets chambers of power. As widely acknowledged, secretaries provides the unseen, yet broad shoulders on which all the employees and management personnel stand. This is because a trained secretary is the only employee that deals with correspondences, always ready to produce a complete and accurate up-to-date information the organization can work with whenever the needs arises.

Who Is An Ideal Secretary?
An Ideal secretary is said to be a perfect and best person or an employee who has undergone series of training and have acquired necessary skills that qualifies him/her to handle the post of a secretary or do secretarial job in the office.

Functions Of A secretary:

  • A good secretary is staff assistant

  • He is the boss’s office memory.

  • The secretary is responsible for the secretarial work in the office and is expected to carry out his day activities with a minimum of supervisions and directions.

  • He takes shorthand dictation and transcribes the dictation with the use of typewriter/computer.

  • Making travel arrangements/itinerary for his boss and reminds him of them.

  • 6 Dealing with confidential matters e.g. staff matters, safe-keeping of important files and minutes book.

  • Taking down all deliberations/discussions at meetings etc.


  • Sound general education

  • knowledge of shorthand

  • Knowledge of English language

  • Basic office skills

  • Communication skills

  • Computer literacy

  • Decision-making skills

  • A good personality

  • General knowledge

  • Knowledge of foreign language.

Being a secretary is no easy task, so it’s necessary that one is good at multi-tasking. There is a website name of Office that offers advice to young professionals like yourself among other things.

1. Professional Secretary: This the secretary we describe as better claimants to the title ”Secretary” by reason of training,  ethics, orientation and skills. This class of secretary can also be referred to as ” steno secretary”. He must be an expert in shorthand writing, type writing and use of computer and must have the ability to transcribe his shorthand note with accuracy. This secretary writes/types at the speed of 80/100.  W.P.M and 35/50 W.P.M to enable produce both minutes of narration and verbatim minutes/reports. He works in big establishments and also secretary to the state/federal government that is, executive secretary.

2. The Honorary Secretary: This secretary is the one who is in charge of the correspondence, records and other business affairs of a society, clubs and other associations. This secretary is not a professional secretary because he has not acquired the necessary skills/training. Such post is given to him as a result of his educational background/experience.

3. Private Secretary: This is an employee who deals with correspondences, keep records and safe keeps files in the office. Anybody with basic education could fit in here since no technical skills are required. The right name for such employee  placed behind the table near the manager’s office to handle some clerical activities is ”office clerk” and not a secretary.

Who is a Receptionist?
A receptionist is the first person one encounters when he enters an organization. The receptionist works in an office which is usually located at the entrance of the building which houses the organization. This location is necessary so as to make it easy for the visitor to the organization office to receive attention as soon as he enters the premises of the organization. A receptionist basically answers phones, greet people coming into the building, and mainly do little office jobs such as faxing.

Qualification Required:(You don’t need a college education for that.)

Qualities Of A Good Receptionist

A good receptionist must  the following qualities:
1.Good and pleasant appearance
2.Good knowledge of his organization
3.She must always be polite
4.She must always be punctual to work
5.Must have a good human relation

It is clear then that there are major differences in the roles, responsibilities and functions of a sectary and a receptionist.                          


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