Breaking News! Must Read Now! “five Most Despicable Lies Ever Told Against The Goodness of Exercise”

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“We are under exercised as a nation. We look instead of play. We ride instead of walk.

Our existence deprives us of the minimum of physical activity essential for healthy living.”

John F. Kennedy

Here are some good news! Before we give you the good news can you answer these questions honestly? Do you feel fatigued or flustered about your health? Would you like to feel fit, fabulous, and full of energy? If your answer is a big ‘YES” then, this article is here to help. It will teach you to adjust your exercise regime and lifestyle. To tone your body, burn more calories, and feel fantastic about yourself.

                        Enough of the long intro and let’s dig deeper into the hidden and deceiving lies ever told. OK?

Most Despicable Lies No. 1. You have to exercise in order to lose weight

You probably can see the point of this one right off. The truth is you don’t have to. Your body moves around anyway during your normal daily your activities, and as your weight lessen, your physical movement will increase. You may have to nudge your body out of your favorite chair once in a while; you do not have to take aerobic lessons. Get my drift? I am sure you do!


Most Despicable Lies No. 2. If you exercise, you get to eat more.

You guessed it. This may be true for professional athletes, but for you this thought especially in the hands of your fat cell can destroy your diet. As most wise weight watchers believe passionately in the motto ‘Eat to live and not live to eat’.  It makes good sense that while thousands die yearly of hunger, why then we should eat excessively.  Overeating will definitely put a strain on our stomachs. And will suffer from dietary diseases related to overeating. Now you must agree that’s as close to magic as you’ll find. Yes?

Let’s then scroll down to see what is in store for us in lies number three. Alright?

Most Despicable Lies 3. You must exercise all the time and for the rest of your life if you expect to stay thin.

You ask ‘What do I mean by this strange statement?”. The truth is you should exercise when you need to and you, not your big bad fat self is the best judge of that need. Your lazy self would like to think that you would have to ‘be on a diet’ for the rest of your life. The purpose of this misconception is to instill fear and confuse you so that you do nothing about your weight problem. If proven wrong,  I will eat my hat or get a pie thrown in my face!

Let’s move over to lies number four. Any problem?

Most Despicable Lies No. 4. You have to like exercising  in order to do it.

Correct me if I am wrong! You may not enjoy exercise in the beginning because  your fat self  will put up a lot of resistance  to dieting. If you do not replace this resistance you will give your fat ugly self  a strong power base from which to make  a comeback. Time will tell. Wait a little and you will be convinced to take my words for it!

Before you scroll down to the final lies, let me say here and now!  I have only peeled back the first few layers of these lies but if you really want to get the truth we are going to get a little more personal. Questions?

Here goes!

Most Despicable Lies No. 5. Exercise  can replace the compulsion to overeat.

I want to let you in on my inner most secret. I must confess that exercise is without doubt an alternative activity to overeating. It cannot replace a compulsion to overeat. Compulsive eaters rejoice when their exercise  schedules  are interrupted –due to pressure of time, the cancellation  of a friend’s participation, a body injury, or inclement weather. With this,  their compulsion eating habits happily  return. Instead of spending  their time in the gym, they revisit  the kitchen. Trust me, wrong actions have ‘fat’ consequences.

Let’s recap the essence of this article by listing the lies told against our  exercise regime. First lie, you have to exercise in order to lose weight Second lie, if you exercise, you get  eat more. Third lie  you must exercise all the time  and for the rest of your life if you expect to stay thin. Fourth lie, you have to like exercising  in order to do it. And last lie, exercise  can replace the compulsion to overeat. Easy to remember them? You bet!

To conclude, allow me to say these few motivational words. Without doubt whatsoever, no one can take the actions and reactions on exercise away from you. And no can take this power. It’s yours for the rest of your life. This knowledge will make the rest of your  life easier. You will no longer be fighting in the dark against forces you don’t understand. Must I say more? I guess not!


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