Social Network Marketing

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Businesses just didn’t know how to listen to their consumers. Traditional businesses tend to rely on antiquated methods of product creation and marketing. Some traditionalists still think that if there is a potential market for a product or service, people would come in droves to buy something.

Fortunately, things have changed for the better in the age of social network marketing. Are customers smarter?

Of course they are! People are now more discerning of new brands. That’s why you have to show people your product or service is trustworthy.

It’s hard to make a lasting impression if you don’t engage your market in an ongoing dialog. If you don’t initiate and continue the conversation or dialog with your existing customers and future customers, your business won’t thrive within the social network.

In addition to your main Facebook page, you can also start a Facebook Group that revolves around your brand or even a general topic that is intimately associated with your brand.

Businesses can also create Facebook Groups that support popular causes. Disease awareness and other causes are a good start; just make sure that you genuinely support your cause.

Larger businesses can host cause-driven events; people can be notified of these events via Facebook. However, before you can notify anybody, you need to attract a large fan base.

Once you have an active Facebook Group, don’t miss the opportunity to lead active discussions with your group. You can hire an expert or you can lead the discussions yourself.

Active discussions can be carried out once or twice a month, depending on your business’ needs. If you are planning a major online launch and you need information about what your market wants to see in a new product, you can ask for feedback using your Facebook Page or Facebook Group.

Remember: if you do it correctly, social network marketing can put your business on the radar again. You can outdo your competition, because you have a virtually unlimited access to real consumers on the Web. And best of all – you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to do this!

A social network is also, in some ways, a social situation and the way we treat other people has an impact on how we are viewed. Being kind, nice, and polite will take you a long way down the social network marketing trail, and maybe you’ll find that by being so, you won’t be trudging down a lonely road.


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