Twitter Marketing a Way to Earn

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What makes this social site such an effective marketing tool is its simplistic design combined with its huge user base. The need for extensive copy writing is not a concerned since only brief messages are allowed and are limited to 140 characters! This evens the playing field for marketers who don’t have great copy writing talents or the funds to pay someone who does! As stated previously this popular social site makes for a very effective marketing platform due to the genius of its simplicity and here are 3 such examples.

Cut to the Chase

140 characters allowed…enough said! For both the marketer and viewer alike the limitation of characters used in a typical tweet makes for easy composing and even easier reading! The use of creative abbreviations and other symbols to covey a message are both entertaining and clever. In fact many ‘skills’ people have picked up along the way when sending text messages with their phones transfer over quite handily to the Twitter platform! One subtle benefit of this character limitation is that it does in fact make people think twice insofar as to how they can say more in less words! This particular ‘practice’ is actually quite helpful for learning how to improve your own copy writing skills!

Targeted Followers

When building up a base of followers in most cases only those who share your interests will continue to follow you! In this way when you do make a product offer these people are more incline to consider your offer. Assuming of course these same people have their own followers that reflect these same interests, you are looking at viral campaigns that can be very focused!

Simplicity Is the Genius!

The simplistic ‘tweets’ criticized by many as being boring or even dumb come to be what makes this site such an effective marketing tool! People are not subjected to large blocks of texts or pages of copy writing therefore they are more likely to read the entire message! Obviously from a marketers point of view less time and effort is needed to compose messages and the need for maintain a ‘professional’ tone is also not necessary!

Twitter marketing is a very efficient way to launch a viral campaign online even with just a modest following! The idea is that followers will carry your message forth to their own circles of influence and that can all be done without the use of ‘professional’ copy writing skills! The ‘genius’ of the site is in its simplicity since no message can exceed 140 characters. This forces people to be as concise as they can when ‘tweeting’ thus eliminating the need or use of great copy writing skills! 3 examples of this social sites simplistic genius are reviewed above and if used correctly can also be put to good use as a very effective marketing tool!


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