How to Plan a Trip to Disney World in Florida

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You will discover an efficient, effective way to plan and make the most out of your trip to Disney World.

Plan your activities:

Check out the attractions in each theme park online.  Decide which ones you would like to visit.  This is will give you an opportunity to free up a lot of time for other activities attractions in the area.


Book your travel (airfare, hotel, car rental) reservations online and have your Disney World attraction tickets mailed to you in advance, avoiding those long tedious lines that no one likes standing in.

Methods of payment:

Credit and debit cards are effective forms of payment.  It is also the most safest and easiest form of recovery if you happen to lose your wallet.

What to pack:

Bring clothing pieces that are easily mixed and matched.  Pack in basic group colors like blue, black, white and pastels.  This way you can wear your slacks, shorts or skirts a couple of times without having to deal with a lot of dirty laundry when you return from your trip.

Research restaurants:

Check out the area’s restaurants on the Internet.  There are so many to choose from.  If necessary, save time by making reservations in advance.

Fun fact:

Plan ahead and stay at Cinderella’s Castle for the night!  Meet the princess herself and have your picture taken with her! The experience will be a memorable event that you won’t so easily forget!

Indentification/emergency information:

Always carry proper identification and emergency contact information with you. If you are not able to do so, it will give the emergency personal someone to contact on your behalf.


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