Tourist Attraction IN Kodaikanal

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Kodaikanal situated amidst the folds of the green hills of Pali is one of the the majority well-liked tourist destinations in the mountains of silence in India,   The hill town is famous for its internationally well-known educational institutions. The pleasure of Kodaikanal is the ‘Kurinji flower, which blooms one time in 12 years. The fruits of the hills of banana and plums are known for their freshness and flavor. Kodaikanal Hills is an idyllic retreat for regular tourists, tractors and honeymoons. Kodaikanal is one of the stations of the most revered mountain in southern India. It has everything a tourist may attract. The station has beautiful mountain lakes, charming parks and waterfalls, making it a natural paradise. Besides the natural beauty, there are many other attractions that are here that can not be missed.

How to reach Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is connected by road with Chennai (520 km), Ooty (264 km), Trichy (197 km), Coimbra (175 km), Kumili (160 km) and Madurai (120 km). There are usual bus services from Madurai, Palani, Kodaikanal Road, Theni, Dindigul, Tiruchirapalli Kumul (Thekkady) and Coimbatore. For local transport, taxis and luxury buses are available for local transportation. No rickshaw inKodaikanal. .I went with my friends and enjoyed the beauty of kodaikanal.We stayed there four days in a hotel .

Tourist places in  Kodaikanal

Shenbaganur The Museum is situated about 5 km from the lake. It is maintained by the College of the Sacred Heart. This museum is one of the best assortment in the country with over 300 species of orchids and a variety of birds.

Kodaikanal is a famous lake here. There is a large artificial lake. Star-shaped and extends over an area of ​​sixty hectares. With lush vegetation around is a big attraction of Kodaikanal. The boat club at this time offers several enjoyment and racing trips.

 Pillar Rocks

There are three pebbles in the city restrictions, footing shoulder – to – shoulder vertically measuring to a height of approximately 122 meters. It presents a website in the world.

Coaker’s Walk is the name Lt. Coaker, who geared up the map of Kodai. It is positioned one kilometer from the lake, which extends along a steep angle on the southern surface of Kodai.

Telescope houses

There are two houses telescope installed in Kodai, as the visitors a panoramic view over the valley and nearby cities.

Temple  Kurinji

This temple is a sacred place where the deity is Lord Murugan. It is located about 3.2 km from Kodai Lake. In Tamil literature “Kurinji means” sense hills “and” were staples “of God. The temple offers a amazing view of the northern plains and Palani Hills.

Silver Cascade

Exotic Silver Cascade waterfall is located on the Ghat Road about 8 km from Kodaikanal. The overflow of Kodai Lake back here at 180 meters high falls. A good place for a couple hours of rest

Kodaikanal Lake: This is a gorgeous lake, which extends in a star figure over sixty acres in the center of the movement. Boating and fishing amenities are accessible at Lake Kodaikanal For a panoramic sight of the Kodai valley, climb the rocks of the Pilar up to a tallness of about 122 meters offers a panoramic view


 Coaker’s Walk: Coaker’s Walk derives the name Lt. Coaker, who organized the map of Kodai and it is a mile from the lake, which extends along a steep grade on the southern side of Kodai.

Devil’s Kitchen (ravine) is more popular among the locals, it seems normal dark channels. The possibility exists that people can fall into the snares of the devil as it name indicates

Guna Cave: This is a great place for passengers to take photos. Some of the best views of the plain to see here. Homes telescope allows visitors a panoramic view over the valley and nearby towns

Bear Shola Falls ideal place to picnic, Bear Shola Falls, 1.6 km from the lake that bears, once used to drink the water above the falls.

Golf Club: Located 5 km from the Kodaikanal lake. hiking trails are available in and around Kodaikanal.

 We did some shopping in Kodaikanal, and  loved the homemade chocolate, marshmallows and cheese found in kitchen stores in the city.  As we were interested in  aromatherapy,  we chose from a range of oils and herbs in stores that sell only natural products. Eucalyptus oils are very popular here.

In Kodaikanal, we bought arts and crafts, and did some purchasing from  Khadi Emporium stores, craft sales and government cooperation Emporium. . Kodaikanal also has a number of shops and a lot of games on all sweaters. . Kodaikanal hotels offer picturesque views of the surrounding hills. This, combined with the variety of delicious and healthy climate of the dishes, made our  stay an unforgettable experience in Kodaikanal.



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