Why Chicken Is Banned In Islam (Part 1 Of 2): To Respect The Regulations Of God

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The developing procedure is available and if the prohibition is applicable a bit of chicken items or chicken, or a lot.

Islamic college students differ on whether or not to modify the kind of toxins (in this situation, chicken products) comes the ban. The Islamic Company for Healthcare Sciences is of the viewpoint that the modify of the kind (for example, foods substances and drugs), so that it becomes something different, do not lift up the ban. However, there is no uncertainty or distinctions of viewpoint, that it is banned to eat the material of pigs such as ham and cash.

The current h1n1 virus episode in South the united states and South America has led some nations to slaughter pigs in abundance, but there is enough wellness care details to recommend that pigs have harmful bacteria that are dangerous to humankind and pigs has extensive been thought to be the reproduction surface for the flu.

Muslims will know of the problems of having items that are banned and therefore develop a serious attempt to look for foods items granted, even if it requires excess attempt or price.

If a believer takes chicken accidentally or by error, there is no sin on him or her. God does not discipline someone for insufficient understanding or unavoidable problems or omissions. However, if a real believer, or think that any chicken or chicken items can be in foods items, products or medication, then it is allowable for him to eat. If in uncertainty, then you must try to discover about the substances or ask for details.

Sometimes you can never know or recognize why God has ordained some items and preventing others. In the situation of chicken, with no particular objective for the ban is not only the Qur’an, 6: 145, when God says, mentioning the material of swine (pork), because “it is certainly dirty.” A Islamic voluntarily presented to The lord’s requires, without wanting to know why the beautiful procedure. Moreover, God has particularly reported that the believer learns the thoughts of her Master and obeys them.

“We listen to and respect.” And such are the profitable (who will stay permanently in Paradise). “(Quran 24:51)

“When God and His Messenger have decreed a topic, do they (believers) have no decision in their decision. And who obeys God and His Messenger, he has indeed strayed in bare problem “(Quran 33:36).

The believer knows that God is sensible and the most profitable, so that its rules are designed to advantage our day-to-day needs, actual, psychological or religious. God knows what is best for his generation to stay in this world and make for the next. It is banned to eat chicken to a Islamic, under any conditions, except for excessive must, as if a person will depend on it for foods. Intense conditions, banned items are granted.

God gives us all items appropriate and good they are banned from enjoying these items that can be dangerous to our opinions, wellness, wellness or morality.

Islam is a alternative way of life, looking at the actual, religious and psychological well-being, respectively, but the the overlap golf piece of the design of a people. God has designed for the objective, to praise Him (Qur’an 51:56), but has empty us in a entire realm of uncertainty and uncertainty. He offered us details on the publication, the Quran and the example of prophets and messengers to describe that, trustworthy in God was a way for us to succeed in this day-to-day life and the afterlife.

. A Islamic uses his day-to-day life trying to please God by worshiping Him and respect its laws and rules or rules. One of these rules is that having chicken or chicken items is banned.

Initially, one might ask what damage could come of chicken, the products is absorbed in many areas on the planet, and that chicken beef contains harmful bacteria and ailments dangerous to humankind think about as the objective for which to election. However, when examining why Muslims do not eat chicken, this should be another cause. Merely Muslims do not eat chicken or chicken items, because God has banned it.

“You only forbids deceased creatures and body and swine, and those killed as a give up for others than God.” (Qur’an 2:173)


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