Videogame Review: Legend of The Green Dragon

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Legend of the Green Dragon ( is a web-based role playing game based on the old Telnet BBS game, Legend of the Red Dragon.

The idea of the game, as with many role playing games, is to slowly advance your character through battling adversaries, acquiring experience and money, upgrading your weapons, and eventually becoming powerful enough to confront and kill the titular green dragon. At this point, the game ‘resets’, and the character starts again from level one, but with a slight advantage and an change of title; If say they were previous referred to as ‘Peasant ‘, they might now be ‘Page ‘

There are several different cities the player can explore, with various stalls, shops and services they can use for a variety of things, from buying new mounts and pets to aid them in battle, to upgrading their weapons and armour, to having their fortunes told.

Experience is gained by exploring the nearby forests, and encountering random creatures to slay. There are also dozens of random events you might encounter, from a mysterious stonehenge style monument, to the Dark Horse Tavern, all of which have varying beneficial and detrimental effects on your character.

One also has the option of attacking other players, but only if they have logged off and finished playing for the day. On logging off, the player can either sleep in the fields, or rent a room at the local inn; those who do the latter are much more difficult to attack, and thus it is advisable to do so if possible. Experience gains from killing players are significantly higher than from creatures in the forest, but players are limited to attacking three others per game day.

The players have a limited amount of moves per day, which refreshes every 12 hours in real time. Extra moves can be earned by various means, from giving up opportunities to attack other players, to playing Crazy Audrey’s kitten guessing game (which probably deserves a mini article all of its own).

The game is completely free to play, though players can donate small amounts via Paypal to earn rewards and advantages, which can be purchased from certain stores. None of this is required to compete in the game however, and merely adds to the flavour.

On the whole, if you’re looking for a slightly different kind of online game, or a quirky role playing game a little unlike anything else around, Legend of the Green Dragon comes highly recommended.


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