A Light That Leads to Success

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Every people meets his own battlefield, every way to pass by, road to travel, mountain to climb, ring for the exchanged of punches, and sports to be played.

            Our life as an individual is being likened to these things. Our life is a journey, from our birth to the coldness of the tomb. It is a travel from one place to another with guide, direction and with goal. Life everyday is not simple. We must take a great effort to surpass everyday’s challenges and hope that another day of opportunity will come and ready to grab it.

            Everyday is a fight and everything is a challenge. My life, as an individual, is to be likened in sports. Sports are things played with rules to follow, peopled to be obeyed and things to have.

            We can compare ourselves to an athlete in a battlefield that runs in the right runway. We must have to begin in the starting point. To be able to run surely on the way of life, we must follow the rules. Let us be disciplined and physically fit. We must practice to be really prepared for the fight. To have the successful finish line, never carry any weight materials of failures so that you can run well.

            Let us run straight forward and the guts of glory… Never get distracted. Aim high as you run the race of life.

            To be able to go to the land of success, every runner must accept failure. When we are down, we must forget it. Take it as a challenge. In case we win, share what we have. If ever we lost, be patient. God prepares a right time for us, just wait. We should not be jealous with others achievements or success of victory.

            In life’s marathon race we should never think with the competitors. Think positive, they may be our friends. Have a good relationship with them.

            In whatever endeavor, whatever we do, we must ask God’s guidance and His help to have strength in taking the long distance fight and help us to stand with our own feet. Always think that no matter how far the distance in taking the race we should have a positive outlook that after our struggles and difficulties encountered we will receive the fruit of our success.

            On the other hand, we must not only look to the power but also the resistance-power to solve trials, problems and endurance to fight. We are over comers of our own faith, runners of our own success and a winner of our own fight.

            Even though we are runners in a runway that full of lines of discouragement, humps of competition and hurdle of trials, we must not others. We must love them as our self.

            We must run slow but steady; slowly but surely and normal so we can win.

            Every runner has no will to lose… but to win. Even if there are no chances to get the honor, what is important is that you took and finish the race, the battle. There are so many chances and possibilities to happen. After all, our lives’ does not end in a competition. But taking any chances to win will surely reach the peak of success. So, whatever we do, we must take the fight. Let us not for the prize. Let us be a winner at the same time an over comer…


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