Is Life A Battle Between Success And Failure?

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Sometimes, it’s just hard to deal with every circumstance in life that often, we tend to utter all sorts of grumble, as if we were left alone in the wilderness, wandering in emptiness how did we come to an existence that seems so meaningless?

            There are things on earth that are easier said than done, that, time and again, many individuals turn out to be tricked, believing that they have chosen the most excellent fad out of the numerous preferences specified and yet wake up one morning in such an absurd condition.

            Then we start to be cranky, reproaching other people for what happened to us, when as a matter of fact, we are the ones responsible for the fortunes that we seize, for it is not a matter of nemesis that we experience such a nightmarish verve, but a consequence of dull judgments.

            Stupidity, sometimes, may cause us to have a decision without assuming what could be the corollaries are in the end, that we often to be so unreasonable and this reasoning drown us in slime because of a verdict that is not brilliant.

            Condemning others to conceal our mistakes has become a habit for most of us, that through this, we console ourselves, that in one way or another, we still did the right thing and deserve some kind positive perception.

            It appears so complicated to comprehend why we have to submit ourselves to an awful course, only to realize our purpose in life, dig us some motivation towards a certain objective and be molded into a different person to be able to accomplish every personal aspiration. 

            In each failure, there is an equivalent triumph. It would just depend on how we put with the outcome of the quest that we’ve gone through. Our experiences are of great aid to attaining the premier of success.

            Our perspective in life broadens with the know-how that we acquired in the past and the principle we have in the present will surely guide us to which path should we take in the future.

            What we frequently fail to remember is that we turn into self-centeredness whenever we encounter incidents of lonesomeness while in tribulations, and nothing comes to our minds but self-pity, desertion and betrayal. What we don’t know is that our Creator hasn’t fallen asleep contrary to what we link.

            Let us take into account that even if we make a great effort, it doesn’t mean that we are being punished nor cursed. There are but some of the tests that we have to surpass and sort of reminders so that we will not overlook the One responsible for every good thing around us. Sometimes, we have to be given some wake up calls so that we would be awaken from a reverie that we seem obsessed to the point of forgetting who He was that has given us Life…


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