Desire And Location In The Economic System And The Daily Life (Part 2 Of 7): The Islamic Location

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This is a essential process of Islam. If something is banned and wicked, a Islamic should not engage or service in any way. Thus, since desire is banned, it is also banned to go to to such agreements, apply for and so on. The thoughts of the prophet describes that there is no change between the person shelling out the desire, and its wedding celebration. This is because they are both included in a wretched exercise and therefore they are likewise responsible.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also said

“If banned lovemaking and start desire are in a metropolis that are start to The lord’s treatment.” Actually, another saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him) should be plenty of to keep all God-fearing person absolutely away from the desire. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“One of the money, at a pace motivated to eat a person is a whole lot worse than the look of God of 36 banned lovemaking.” Quickly after the above when compared to, God tells

“O followers, worry God and offer up what remains to be [because]of desire, so they must be followers. And if not, then advised of a war [against]God and His Messenger. But if you repent, you can have your investment finance [and]that no damage [others], nor damage you. “(Qur’an, 2:278-279)

Who in their right brain would bring in a report of war from Allah and His Messenger? Certainly, a healthier chance to anyone is hardly ever discovered. At the end of the passage, God creates it very apparent why desire is forbidden: it is incorrect. Persia expression for a dhulm, that person has done bad, bad, or oppressed by another person or his heart. This passage indicates that the desire is not banned only because some of the choice of God, without the historical earlier of this phrase. The pace is certainly dangerous, and that is why it is banned.

Moreover, when compared to, the Qur’an, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and contentment of God be upon him) also created several phrases regarding our desire. For example, the following report clearly shows the degree of this work

“Avoid the seven dangerous sins: associating associates with God, witchcraft, getting rid of a heart whom God has banned, except, of course, through the end of the law, devouring desire, devouring the success of orphans, those who run away when armies match, and slander chaste, simple women of all ages feeling. “Secondly, the when compared to inform you that there is a change between business dealings and pursuits. The change between them is so apparent that the passage does not trouble to describe, which is a stylistic factors of the Quran. Third, these when compared to clearly indicate that God “destroys desire and gives more to nonprofit.” This is one of The lord’s “laws” that human beings can not actually discover their own. The last unfavorable and entire of desire in the person, the area and the globe at big, both in this lifestyle and beyond are known only to God.

But a look at some of these side results, indicating the fact of this passage must have later in this file. Actually, said perhaps the significance of this passage, the Prophet (peace and contentment be upon him) also said: “The desire, though it is a lot, will effect in a little bit . “This caution powerful enough against the true caution of a dangerous consequence: to be forged into terrible which is ready for the disbelievers.

God also says:

“Those who eat desire does not service [the Day of Resurrection], except that you are usual by Satan to thoughts. This is because they say “Trade is [just]as desire. “But God has accepted deal and banned desire. So anyone who obtained a caution from his Master and offer up perhaps what is earlier, and her situation is God. But whoever dividends [to deal in the desire or usury]they are the pets of the Fireplace they will follow it. God eliminates desire and gives more to non profit organizations. And God does not like all unbelievers sin. “(Quran 2:275-276)

This passage has many exciting details for them. Leaving comments on the first piece of passage published Maudoodi


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