Golf – Beginner Basics Iii The Long Game

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Golf – Beginner Basics III The Long Game

The long game refers to your drives (shots off the

tee) and fairway shots; everything short of the shots

you make to get onto the green.

Each hole has a different difficulty level, different

par and distinctive hazards, so instructing you to use

your Driver on every tee would be blatantly wrong.

This is something you will learn over time as you

learn the various shots you make according to the

club, the placement of the ball and your personal


Generally speaking, the lower the club number, the

longer and lower your ball will go. A 4-iron shot will

travel long and low and will most likely roll, whereas

a 9-iron shot will have much more loft and go less

distance both in the air and on the ground.

The professionals on television make it look so easy;

they consistently hit the ball long and straight and

never miss-hit the ball making it dribble ten feet, or

completely miss the ball.

Driving is very important to the game, and many hours

spent at the driving range will help improve your

distance. Experiment with the same club to see what

works for you if you move the ball forward or backward

in your stance. Take a lesson, if possible, and learn

the proper swing from the beginning.

Mastering the long game helps you get to the green in

fewer strokes, keeping your score and frustration

level down. Remember that it takes a long time to

learn consistency and remember to have fun!

Hearing the sport of golf, there dibayangan everyone is game for the well-established. Expensive sport that not everyone can feel the touch of a ball hit to get into the hole. To become a member of the golf course, have to pocket millions of dollars.

For the novice golfer, there is no harm in studying first at the driving range. Or can the putt-putt golf. In addition to cheap rates, players can also feel the simple tricks to punch the ball short to get into the hole. Technically similar to a golf shot, just sticks and just a different field.

Play real golf on a grassy field with distance blows away, while the putt-putt foundation is made of green carpet. Not many kinds of sticks are used such as golf, putt-putt, wearing only one stick that matches the size of its consumer agency. From a long stick 30 centimeters to one meter. Sticks are also made of hard plastic.

In the area of ​​Senayan Stadium, putt-putt easily found. His name, Putt-putt Golf & Games. In that place, has provided a mini golf field. There are two courses, each of 18 holes. Tickets, to Rp25 thousand adults and children Rp20 thousand.

Two of this course, it is definitely the level of the sport and also different obstacles. I Course obstacles made easier. There are only two obstacles are mounted near the hole. Carpet runway is also not a lot of waves. While the second course, many obstacles to grounding the ball’s speed is quite complicated. And every hole, had been prepared for the score board.

Only a small field. The average length of each hole is only five meters by one meter wide. Each of these mini field, fenced off. So the ball is not out of the hole. Players can be a way straight or dipanturkan.

The players are not restricted by time. Can play individually or in groups. Every hole, can be used freely. “There is limited time. If you’ve reached the 18th hole, had to be finished. Players are given the freedom, “said Rahman, one of the local officers.

Every hole, also created different levels of difficulty. On one hole, there is no obstacle. Players must hit the ball straight to get in the hole. The second hole, there are two hurdles that not far from the hole and one hole bumpy runway. There are also foundations are tiered. Thus, players must attempt to lift the ball to the hole near the hole.

“Here, players are thinking about how to position the ball. Each hole, players hit at least twice. So, should think that the ball not far from the hole hole, “he said.

Impression is more exciting. Not a lot of tricks that must be owned players.Moreover, special tips to master hitting like a professional golfer. Dependable is the precision and swing the stick to the ball on target.

In the putt-putt golf, players are allowed to stop half the game just to relax while enjoying food and drinks. each hole is limited to a maximum of five strokes. And each group for each hole should be no more than four people.

The game was first established in Fayetteville, North Carolina by a successful businessman in insurance, Don Clayton. He plans to set up a miniature golf course, where each player hits the ball with his expertise, not just relying on luck alone.

Apparently, this idea received a positive response all over the world, so that Clayton left the world’s insurance business, and turning to the king putt-putt golf.

Name putt-putt golf swing pinned from the term itself that putt, but because it partici miniature two techniques that every player is expected to hit the ball twice and then go into the hole, then putt the word that was repeated two times-putt-putt.

Bother easy, that’s what impressed when the first try. Stick swing techniques, it seems easy. In fact, quite complicated so that the ball moving in the direction of his swing. Moreover, if the hole is the hole that we encounter bumpy. If not wait and swing does not match the distance, then ran the ball can be irregular.

Perceived the most problems is to measure his swing far short ball to be hit. Also, put the ball in ‘lip’ end of the stick as a regulator of its direction. Factors hunch, it is also necessary. Thus, we can know or understand that the ball will go into the hole hole.

“It looks easy anyway. Moreover, does not require a long punch and a grassy runway. But, actually not. The difficulty is also felt. So, many people make the putt-putt golf to introduce golf to children, also become tourist attractions, “he said Rahadi, a visitor.

The atmosphere at the putt-putt golf, feels good. Real golf course, synonymous with shade and a pool. Likewise in the putt-putt also designed with an atmosphere similar to a golf course. The atmosphere is calm and there is a swimming pemancingannya.

Rahadi often bring their children on weekends to that place. He has not dared memekenalkan his son to play golf at a real field. “Only once in a while just whom I saw playing real golf. Rada if already adept at putt-putt, I was invited to play golf just real, “he said.

“Actually there’s also a golf school for children. But it is expensive. Mending trained before hitting a short putt-putt golf. So that when the golf school was not take long anymore to be proficient, “he said.

Although more memorable relaxed, but if the loved seriously, could become a professional golfer. Who knows in the future will be born Tiger Woods from Indonesia.


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