Click Fraud And How to Avoid It

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But their or those that indulge in what is known as “click fraud”. Click fraud occurs when somebody either click on ads on the webpage that their article/blog appears on, having others come to their page and click on the ads to gain them extra revenue, or to pay others who employ people to click on the ads around the article/blog. Click Fraud, like any other form of fraud, is theft. The writer can be banned from writing on the site anymore, can be banned from writing on any site that ads generator, such Google, place ads on (because the ad generating company is the company that plans the web host who in turn pays the writer), and in some cases can be prosecuted for theft.

Here are some ways in which one can avoid being accused of Click Fraud:

  • When reviewing your own article or blog, refrain from clicking on the ads surrounding the article/blog. This is per agreement with the web host such as, Hubpages, and most others.

  • You may encourage readers of your articles and blogs, to visit the site of the sponsors if they are interested in the sponsor ads around your article/blog, but discourage people from clicking on ads just to gain you better revenue.

  • As a freelance writer you tend to read other articles of people in the writing community. You should be sensitive to the possibility of click fraud and refrain from clicking on ads surroundnthose articles/blogs unless you are truly interested in that product and/or vendor.

  • Refrain from employing people that advertise that they can get you a certain amount of money for a monthly fee. These people after engage in click fraud by having others in their employ go to your articles to read and click on the ads around your article.

Some people have refrained from clicking on ads altogether so they or the writer is not accused of click fraud. Instead on clicking on the ads they may just copy the url of the ad and go there via the address /location box as opposed to clicking on the link on the page itself. Again this does a disservice to website host.

Click on the ads, that is not on your article/blog webpage, if you truly interested in the ad/vendor. Encourage others to do the same. This not earn money for the website host, the writer, but it also helps to keep you with a place to publish articles and blogs for free.


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