Alternatives Ways TO Increase Your Traffic NO Bukisa

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Bukisa been loved by google as a result of their quality contents has a great page rank in google and other search engine.

One thing is to publish quality content with a targeted keyword; another thing is to get maximum traffic that can expose your content to the public.

It is not advisable for you to depend only on busika for your traffic supply.

The basic truth is that bukisa has more than 20 thousand members who have published more than five million articles, so the amount of traffic distributed to this content is very low for you to actualize your target. So the best thing to do is to look for alternative legal ways to drive traffic to your sites.

Best ways to drive traffic to your bukisa articles.

  1. Share your articles on your social network.

Yes, this is one of the best ways to send traffic to your articles. Social network are those sites were millions of peoples comes together in other to interact with each other. So the best thing to do is to register with them and begin to submit or share your articles which in turns send a back link to your bukisa contents. Examples of social network are; facebook, twitter, stumbleunpon, bizhopper, etc

  1. Sharing your articles via email.

This involves sharing your articles to your friends vial email, all you need to do is to extract email address of your friends in your contact book and invite them to explore their  brain through your articles.

  1.  Bookmarking your articles.

This involves saving your articles in Google bookmark or any of your computer system. This system is always good because once you bookmark your articles, it will be easily found by internet user .bookmarking your articles helps internet users especially commercial systems to read your articles easily. You can generate traffic by bookmarking your articles or sharing them with your friends and ask them to bookmark them while setting bukisa as their home page.

so this are the best possible you can drive a lot of traffic to your bukisa content, and you kown, that the ability to earning  reasonable amount of money from content sites, depends on the amount of traffics that comes to your content. so dont wait your time depending for bukisa traffic, look for other alternatives to increase your traffic because you need it most!


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