My First Examination

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I was a jolly, happy little toddler who was the centre of attraction of my family. My only routine other than going to play school was to do what I wanted and get others to do what I want. I always wondered what my mother and elder sister would sit and do with books seriously, every day after my sister came back from school. There would be bribing, cajoling, pampering, and threatening going on so that she could spend her evening in front of the books, which I always envied. Then one day we went to my sister’s school, stood in a long queue and got some papers (application form). This suddenly changed my whole schedule. My parents suddenly started conversing with me in English (Oh my dear mother tongue Marathi… I wonder where it went away.) I had a drill every morning, evening and night with same questions asked to me (What is your name? How old are you? Which dress are you wearing today? Etc.,) I got a huge applause for correct answers, and big frown (why? you must have guessed). My mother, father and sister would sit with colourful books and drill on names of shapes, colours, fruits, vegetables (many of which I had never seen).  This continued till I guess the Monday came…. The day of my first examination had arrived.

When I went there, I found a lot of kids of my age with impeccably dressed parents anxiously waiting for their turn and using the time in the waiting hall for their last minute instructions. Most of them had the same set of instructions: accept only one chocolate, say thank you immediately, and pronounce your name clearly (general etiquettes at its best).

When after waiting for nearly half an hour with a huge bowl of chocolates in front of me and being allowed to take only one (secretly promised to get 10 of them if I behaved properly for the next hour) we were allowed inside. When my name was announced, my parents had a final look at me straightened my hair and sent me off with two cute looking ladies. I being me yelled at the top of my voice and made sure my mom accompanied me to the interview.

Let me list the two main parts of the interview which were told later on to every person I knew. Firstly during the interview I was shown an animal which resembled my neighbourhood pomerian dog. I was told by the interviewer that it was a sheep and I was adamant that it was a dog. Only after a long stare from my mom I mellowed down to “it looks like a dog”. Secondly during my meeting with the Principal though I did not answer any of her questions, she offered me a lollipop. I accepted it with a big Thank you and followed it by asking dad to say thank you so that he also might get a liarcock (that was what I called a lollipop).

After two days when they called up to let us know that I was accepted to the school I could see that my family was overjoyed and called my extended family to share the news. Though I did a lot of congratulatory calls, the best part for me was the drilling of questions and books had disappeared and I was back to my olden – golden schedule. God bless our educational system, to which I will be a party soon.


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