Expertscolumn Is Scam or Legit

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Writing articles online is the easiest ways to make money online and generate good passive income. There are tons of article directories where you can publish content online desprite earn money online. I’m came across Expertscolumn some where mid of June 2011 and addicted to it but rumors still flying around and still have people feel skeptical about this brand new up rising article site whether it is a scam or did pay for their member. If you’re one of them then you’re total wrong! Read below article to know more about Expertscolumn and payment proof.

Expertscolumn is a PR3 site that gain tremendous of pages rank within short period of times. Once your articles published, it easily get indexed by Google and appear in search engines first page. You can consistenly get 80-90 targeted visitors with 50-60 articles posted.

Expertscolumn paid by pageview CPM (cost per million) basic where $1.50 per 1000 unique visitors which mean for every 1000 visitors that drop by your articles conten, you’ll get $1.50. Once reach minimum of payout threadhold with $5, they will make payment via paypal or Moneybroker. Hence, it importante that you insert correct paypal account detail on account setting before pyament reached threadhold.

I’m personally posted around 30 articles and been paid by Expertscolumn once and my second payment is trending next month. You can view my Expertscolumn payment proof HERE. What interesting about this site is that it allow republish contents as long as your user name same as source content. You can find other article directories site members joined Expertscolumn such as Triond, Hubpages and Squidoo.

Wait, more to come! Expertscolumn also offer referral system where you eligible to make extra 10% lifetime income from each of your direct referrals. With Expertscolumn, you can not only can making money online but also can:

  • Create do-follow backlinks

  • Fast index on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing

  • High PR with more traffic.

  • Earn extra referral income

  • Increase websites/blog targeted traffic

To wrap up, Expertscolumn definetely NOT a scam site and it legit payment site where make instant payment to member once reach minimum threadhold. So, you can feel no worry to join Expertscolumn without any problems. If you’re interested to make money online by writing articles, come and sign up free on Expertscolumn today!


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