List Of Adsense Alternative Network Ads

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Everyone knew Adsense is fundamental core source of money maker online. If you lost Adsense account, does it mean you’re doom, bye bye to the online world? Perhaps not, there are tons of paid per click ads networking around that provide similarity as what Adsense can give you. So, keep on reading and check what are those top rated Google Adsense alternative that you can look for, just in case your adsense got suspended or disabled like me.


Chitika is an ideal choice for Google Adsense replacement and in fact many websites even share Chitika revenue with member such as Infobarrel and Bukisa. Chitika ads are NOT contextual and more toward pay-per-click based. Chitika ads display depend of search engines keywords, this mean you have higher chance to have targeted click, CTR is high and earn more paid. Min payout is $10 via Paypal and $50 via check. Still not yet a member of Chitika? Come and Sign Up for Free today!


Most of the ads in AdBrite are CPM based but they do pay well for clicks ads too. AdBrite work perfectly with Adsense as AdBrite ads are not contextual. AdBrite ads come from wide range of ad products include inline ads, full page ads and even video. Min payout is $5 via check – this is what you been looking for.


Infolinks is a in-text advertisement based. If you need to get high pay from Infolinks, then you need to have quality content in your blog/websites. High paying keyword in your content are highlighted and when mouse pointer is move over on them, an ads displayed out. People click on the ads, then money flow into your account. Payments are in 60 days via Paypal ( $10).


Nuffnang is another alternative you can choose from besides all mentionded above. Nuffnang is more toward network ads that allocated to Asian people. If you’re from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippine then you can place Nuffnang ads on your blog and websites. Nuffnang minimum payout is RM50, that equipvalent to USB16.5.

Besides above mentioned top Google Adsense alternative in the market today, there are other such as Bidvertiser , TTZ Media, and Clicksor also best rated alternative selection for online market to monetize their blog and websites.

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