Myths About Men That Women Needs to Know

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In most cases, women will result to emotional or aggressive actions as a way of seeking attention or sympathy from the opposite sex, others prefer constant nagging but has it occurred to the woman’s mind that some men are just fed up with those constant nagging and shouting that most women result to. Are there other amicable ways that women can pass their message and at the same time maintain that not so nagging attitude?

Last month, I found myself in interesting arguments between some few neighborhood women. They had their usual parting and after some few drinks, I was sure nothing of importance was going to happen. At some point, there was this lady, who after consuming a lot of drinks decided to entertain us with that drama. Her concern was that the man that she loved did not reciprocate the same way. The way most girls responded was a bit bothering and confusing and the only noticeable advice that most of the girls gave was to put off with him as a loser. What seemed to be even more bothering is that there seemed to believe in certain myths regarding men which are leading many ladies astray.

Women are really great when they are in relationships, they are very pleasant to be with and not forgetting the glow and smile that may end up making someone miserable day, a happy one. Women like to feel good and this maybe the reason why they cling to these strange theories and myths. One of the strangest myths that my friends talked about was how men rate them in bed.  Just because a man tells you that you are the best he has ever had, it should not in any way be taken to mean that he loves you. It is just a way to let the women fell appreciated. In deed his head may be thinking or even talking about another encounter he had sometimes and not necessary you.  Women should never fall for “you are the best” line.  To begin with, there is no ISO measurement to determine whether Woman A is sweeter than Woman B, and no woman comes equipped with pleasure testing tools.  A man who uses the “best” line believes in ranking many women, which implies that you are part of a harem.

The other theory that women have to be nice to a man does no longer exist. No woman should overlook the hurtful things that any man does and suffocate him with goodness instead. The truth of the matter is that goodness only creates goodness from the man if he deems it fit. He will not be nice to you because you have been nice to him; he will be nice to you if he feels like it.  It is as simple as this. The lay than thou attitude just make a woman the doormat but not the love of his life. The whine about the cars you have bought him and the meals you have cooked for him with no reciprocity in terms of affection and fidelity adds more miserable to your life.  Men are natural takers and if you are constantly giving and demanding nothing in return then do not cry foul if the same man treats you like the doormat you are.

Women like to share their burden with the whole world or those friends that seems dear to them. It is not surprising to walk in a busy shopping mall to see women stuck in a corner with those whispering voices of what happened to them last night but what concerns me most is that women don’t seems to know the conscience of place and time. Why don’t women just keep quiet and wait for the right time to table their concerns. Do you think your workmate will help you much or is just another way to make you the laughing stock of the day? Telling your life story will not help at all, but create more awareness of the problems that you are facing. If you really must talk to somebody, talk to a trained counselor. The rest of the world will either laugh at you or turn their back on you.

The other most ridiculous theory that we women like subscribe to is how babies keep them together no matter what happens.  They believe that if you suspect that your partner has another woman, the way to beat off competition is to procreate with him.  In most cases, only a few will do the right thing and stay with the mothers of their babies.  Many of them behave like trapped deer and never cease to remind the woman that they were conned into an unpleasant relationship. In fact, it is not a wonder that many women grab onto this biological link, ignoring all the times the man treats them like rubbish or ignores their child just to realize much later that he was not really meant for you. In fact, babies simply bring the mother and child together. The man will always have an easy way out.

Finally, women should remember that no one was created with her in mind. No one was designed to make a woman happy. For that man that you may love so much is living his life the way he best knows how to it. He owes you nothing and if you walk away he will not die or commit suicide. The girl who is stealing your man does not give a damn about how happy or sad you are. She is just living her life. Women need to learn to live their lives free from myths that yoke them to bad people.  This will not only end those miserable lives but will eventually add some happiness to the way women’s lives.


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