Poor Pet Digestion – Causes And Helpful Remedies

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It might sound silly, but pets can be affected by digestive issues just like humans. There are several factors that will contribute to poor digestions, and some things you can incorporate to help remedy pet digestion problems should you see them developing.

Eating too much too quickly: 

It is known that some dogs eat very quickly. Some of them devour their food without even tasting it, but that’s just their instinct. However, if they ingest too much food at a time and too quickly, it can be hard on the digestive system. The stomach and intestines have a harder time working on the food. It can be hard to teach your dog how to eat more slowly, but it can be done if you introduce them to smaller portions of food at a time. You may also need to provide them with food that they do not enjoy as much so they won’t eat it as fast. It might not make them happy at the moment, but it will make them happy in the long-run when they feel healthy and energized. Cats generally do not eat as fast as dogs, but if you have one that devours its food, you can follow these tips as well.

Eating food from the human table: 

We all are guilty of feeding our dogs from the table, especially when they look at us with those cute “puppy dog” eyes. However, this habit needs to go away if your pet’s digestion is being compromised. Not all dogs digest human food the same way…in fact, some dogs can’t even start to digest certain compounds in human food and should never consume certain foods at all. Many humans are unaware of this, leading to unfortunate consequences. To avoid problems, it is best to prohibit all “people foods” from your pets, no matter how much they beg. Also, if you have a dog and a cat, keep them away from each others food. Cat food can compromise dog digestion and vice versa.

Incorporating fiber: 

Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate that is extremely important in humans’ diets for good digestion, and it is known that it can also provide benefit to pets’ digestive health; pets do not need it in as high amounts, though. Most of the food you buy for them will provide them with enough fiber.

Incorporating probiotics: 

Probiotics can also be beneficial in pet digestion. Probiotics are good bacteria that can improve the overall health of dogs and cats. They help to create a balance between good and bacteria in the digestive system. Pet digestion can be greatly improved through the use of these. Adding a probiotic such as Probios Soft Chews into your pet’s daily diet will encourage a healthy digestive tract, immune health and nutrient absorption.

Incorporating exercise: 

Pet digestion can be improved through exercise. It helps to get the digestive organs moving and therefore functioning. Exercising your pet will also benefit your digestive health!

Keeping your pet’s digestive system healthy isn’t too hard to do. Just make sure their diet is healthy with the proper food and a probiotic like Probios Soft Chews, and that they are getting a proper amount of exercise. Also, take regular trips to the veterinarian to make sure there are no underlying issues that could be compromising your cat or dog’s intestinal health.


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