Burying Your Pet

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When the painful day comes where your beloved pet has passed away, you will face the decision as to how to deal with the remains. This can be a very difficult time and it is often best to plan in advance. Many people choose to bury their pet in their own backyard, which is where the pet spent their life, it is also close to loved ones and economical. There are a few steps you need to take to ensure you don’t encounter any problems with the burial.

Firstly it is essential to ensure the burial is legal. The rules vary depending on whereabouts you live. To find out the regulations in your area you will have to contact your local city or county health department. If you cannot bury your pet at your home, then consider burying them at a pet cemetery or having your pet cremated. Planting a tree in your back yard and then scattering your pet’s ashes around it is another option.

Once you have established that it is legal to bury your pet in the backyard, then it is time to prepare for the burial itself. Firstly you will need to choose the location of the grave. This should be somewhere you can access easily, and perhaps your pets favourite spot. However near the boundaries of the yard is usually best if your intend to place a memorial or plant a tree. You should place your pet in a degradable bag, and then in either a wooden casket or wrapped in a blanket. You may wish to inscribe the box with the pet’s name or bury your pet with its favourite toy/treats. The grave itself will need to be at least 3 feet deep to avoid other animals disturbing the area. It is important that all members of the family are there for the burial itself, as this serves as an important step whilst grieving particularly for children. You could read out a poem or say a few words in memory of your pet at the service.

Finally, following the burial you can place some kind of memorial on the graveside. This could simply be a tree, a plague or a memorial stone. There are many options available regarding materials used and personalisation of the memorial. Do your research online and you’ll be able to find a memorial within budget and suited to your needs.


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