Indonesian Government Must Choose And Struggling About Papua People Not Freeport

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WE slept on gold, swimming on the oil, but instead we’ve got. We only sell the fruits of nut.

Piece of singer Edo Kondolangit lyrics, can describe the groaning hearts of the people of Papua. Although they live in the rich earth matchless, but slumped in the plight of poverty and underdevelopment.

For decades they were only watching the wealth of God’s inheritance dredged, transported and sold to enrich millions of people at the end of the American continent as well as a handful of elites in Indonesia, which serves as a guard dog guard the mine aliases named Freeport.

The expedition of three Europeans in 1936, the leadership of Dr. Anton H. Colijn, with Jean-Jacques and Frits J Wissel to Mountain Glaciers, Jayawijaya and then find Hertzberg, seemed to be opening Pandora’s box of gold mountain in Papua.

While Freeport expedition commanded by Forbes Wilson and Del Flint, to explore Hertzberg 1960, reinforced the desire to build projects in the land mine believed the Papuans, as the dwelling place of their fathers.

Hertzberg, so the Dutch call the mountain ore (ore). For Papuans, Hertzberg is a legacy of land to be preserved and maintained, in order to avoid disaster.

But the fate of the other said. Since 1967, mining company PT Freeport Indonesia as an affiliate of Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold, based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, knowing Hertzberg within a radius of 10 square kilometers through the work of an exclusive contract mining contractor for 30 years and later extended to 2041.

“This is the beginning of disaster for the Papuans, let their heritage aspirated, while they just watch and wear koteka,” said the source, Thursday (11/03).

In 1970, a full-scale mining operations began and then export the first shipment of copper lasts kosentrat 1972. It is estimated that, since the operations until 2010 Freeport already siphoning 7.3 million tonnes of copper and about 725 million tons of gold, without a clear control of the regime of President Soeharto’s New Order regime of Habibie, Wahid, Megawati to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Instead, the Freeport judged not being open and honest in reporting the amount and type of mines that exploited from Hertzberg. Even the environment and social audits carried out against the Freeport mine, considered only as a form of legitimacy or justification for the exploitation of mines indefinitely.

Not surprisingly, if there are those who predict the content of gold, copper and uranium are dredged from the Hertzberg and Grasberg mine discovered in 1988, could reach the nominal 8000 trillion dollars annually in the conversion.

“Compare it for example with a number of Indonesian state budget every year, only about 1200 trillion rupiah. While royalties Freeport, officially only about 1 percent per year, “said the source, Thursday (11/03).

Then setega Is that Freeport to share the wealth that dredged up into the bowels of the earth and let the people of Papua Cendrawasih scavenge waste food scraps are disposed of Camp Hidden Valley mine site at an altitude of 4000 meters from sea level?.

Since the time of Suharto, by naked eye is so bancakan Freeport for the republican authorities and security forces. Presumably a lot of money illegally divided alias flowing into the pockets of individuals and groups.

Freeport is also very aware of the practice of distribution of money hitman, with the goal of continuity and permanence of dredging gold, copper to uranium from the land of Papua. Recognition of the company had provided security money of 14 million USD per year to the police, only one allocation of funds that are not official entrance into the state treasury. Believed, hitman money from Freeport, also flows into the army, the local government to local authorities and central elites.

Freeport chaotic which is still ongoing, it has disturbed the watchman who danced on the suffering of even the lives of the people of Papua, as well as miners who actively fight for their rights.

Even the efforts of President Yudhoyono to form Unit Development Acceleration in Papua and West Papua (UP4B) headed Bambang Darmono, identified only a trick to neutralize the worsening situation on earth Paradise, as well as a means to manage the flow of money hitman shelter from Freeport to continue flowing, who knows how long


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