The UN Does Not Confer The Award Miscast Global Champion of Disaster Risk Reduction to President Sby

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The UN does not confer the award miscast Global Champion of Disaster Risk Reduction to President SBY. Not all leaders of developing countries can achieve such Yudhoyono in tackling tsunami Aceh.

“Humanitarian operation was successful because the decision-making fast, accurate and manageable with strong leadership,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Nusa Dua, Bali, Saturday (11/19/2011).

Assertion was answering reporters’ questions about the consideration of the award confers UN Global Champion of Disaster Risk Reduction to SBY. The award category was only held in the UN in 2008 and President SBY was the first to receive the award.

Ban Ki-moon explained, the United Nations awarded the Global Champion of Disaster Risk Reduction and after seeing more and more frequent occurrence of natural disasters in various countries. Ironically, the increasing number of deaths due to handling more of a late and improper handling policy.

“For example, cyclone in Myanmar (May 2008) in a gust of wind nearly one hundred thousand lives lost,” he added.

The death toll from the tsunami Aceh was larger than Myanmar’s cyclone Nargis. But can be taken into account the extent of the disaster-stricken areas, the population and the impact of infrastructure damage that occurs, then the challenges faced by emergency response in Aceh is much greater.

“Because we really appreciate achievements of Indonesia and President Yudhoyono chose as the first recipient of the Global Champion of Disaster Risk Reduction. We hope that other states can adopt countermeasures system that Indonesia implement,” said Ban Ki-moon.

The decision that the President was awarded the Global Champion of Disaster Risk Reduction, announced in the 3rd Session Global Platform Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva in June 2011. But the new Ban Ki-moon delivered directly to Yudhoyono this morning because of a new East Asia Summit 9 he had a chance visit to Indonesia.

In the speech, President Yudhoyono said that the award not for himself but for all the people of Indonesia are very quick to respond to channel aid to victims of natural disasters. The various elements of society to be actively involved and even the main motor driving the emergency response operations in the affected areas.

“On behalf of the people of Indonesia I accept this award. It is a tribute to our citizens who work hard to save the lives of his brethren in every disaster and work hard to reconstruct the affected region,” said SBY.

how about the issues around this conference?

President Yudhoyono and Prime Minister Julia Gillard this morning held a bilateral meeting. A number of sensitive issues in the relationship between Indonesia and Australia will find a solution in a meeting this morning.

The meeting began at 09.00 pm, Sunday (20/11/2011), housed in the ballroom of Hotel Ayodhya, Nusa Dua, Bali.

“We really had good intentions to talk about various issues, including sensitive. If that was not discussed, not good,” Yudhoyono said in his speech.

“Our people know the leaders gathered here then do not discuss issues of common problems. No we’re talking about, then there is no solution,” he continued.

Earlier, Yudhoyono expressed his thanks and appreciation for the active participation of Australia in the East Asia Summit 9. The forum was an important step to unite together hadapai global issues for the future of the region better.

“Bilateral relations develop well, no problem bothering or annoying. Although there are bilateral issues discussed denan good while continuing to seek new opportunities,” added SBY.

While PM Julia Gillar on in his speech congratulated on joining Russia and the United States in the East Asia Summit. He hopes the forum will be better able to perform real actions encourage regional economic growth.

“I believe the leadership you will bring a good situation in the region,” said Gillard.

Not mentioned also, what a sensitive issue in question. However, referring to recent developments, there are at least three important issues of concern to Indonesia and Australia.

First, the increase in the number of U.S. troops at military bases in Darwin, Australia. Two, the establishment of free trade cooperation forum Trans Pacific Partnership that Indonesia rejected.

Three, the issue of human rights and the independence of Papua. Many NGOs and politicians in Australia are almost every year raised the issue, despite its government’s official stance is in favor of Papua as part of Homeland


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