How a Student Can Success Their Academics That be Costless!

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In a wonderful Special Education: The New Science of Learning: Brain Fitness researchers found several interesting things. The application of brain research and listen to great teachers, counselors and administrators will help improve our educational system.

The test starts non-stop school of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has failed our children. Companies are benefiting from tests and our youth are losing out. Great teachers are forced to teach to the test rather than individualize instruction to reach more children. The whole child in learning and brain research has shown that emotion significantly influences learning.

So, here’s the study. The researchers analyzed two groups of children from birth to age four. There were two different parenting styles of interaction.

Encouraging Words high

A group of parents tell their children during infancy through young children and more than a good deal. That actually used up to 300 words per hour than the other group of parents. In addition, this group of parents responded with encouraging all statements like: “That’s great!” “Try again!” “That’s wonderful.” “What have you learned (see, feel?)” “That was fun!” etc.

Words high and low corrective

The other group of parents spoke infrequently to their infants through four years of age. There was talk of 300 words per hour less then the other group! When he spoke his language was largely corrective. Statements like: “Stop, No, No, stop that, do not touch that.” Etc.


When the researchers followed these two groups of children through school, found an amazing difference. The Word of children high and high breath, going through the same schools that were able to read and understand five years over their counterparts corrective Parole high.

Real World

Parents who learn to talk to their infants, toddlers and preschoolers and the use of words of encouragement can help the reading ability of their children. It is very important to know that even though newborns do not have a language, their brains are soaking up all that early language experience. Children will have lasting benefits when their parents speak, listen and encourage!

Educators know intuitively about the interaction of early childhood and reading. Now is the time for a grassroots approach. If every mother, father, aunt, uncle and grandfather could not pass this information to other parents, newspapers and PTA newsletters that can impact our children’s future. Please pass this information to people you know. You can improve a child’s future by sending this article to others (because of copyright, you must include all links and other information).


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