Benefits of Soy Milk

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Milk is a necessary requirement for the body. Many dairy products are popping up today. Most of the milk taken from cows, but there are also made from soybeans. Soy milk was also not inferior to cow’s milk. Apparently andungan of soy milk are also many, including levels of protein and amino acid composition similar to cow’s milk.

Well if you want to replace the milk beverage menu, you can try this one. Another advantage of soy milk than cow’s milk is not at all contain cholesterol. However, the cholesterol content of cow’s milk is still considered very low when compared to other animal food.

Soy milk now you can get from the supermarket. Protein content in soy milk is influenced by:
– Soybean Varieties,
– The amount of water added,
– Duration of time and storage conditions,
– As well as heat treatment.
The more the amount of water used to dilute the milk, the fewer levels of a protein is obtained. Levels of protein in soy milk made with soy and water ratio of 1:8, 1:10, and 1:15, respectively, 3.6%, 3.2%, and 2.4%.

Soy milk will replenish the nutritional needs of vegetarians and dieters. Soy milk is one of the best sources of vegetable protein. “Protein function to the growth of the body, maintain health and stamina, and replace cells damaged or old. Soy milk is made with 3% had protein levels that approach the nutritional quality of cow’s milk.

Quality protein:
– Protein eficiency ratio (PER) of soy milk is 2.3
– Whereas cow milk is 2.5 PER
PER 2.3 means that every gram of protein you eat will result in weight gain of 2.3 grams. Thus, the higher the PER values ​​reflect the better quality protein.

Soy milk should be consumed for those who want to diet or adults who want to stay healthy apart from cow’s milk. For if consumed soy milk for children and pregnant women to be deprived of calcium for growth and needs. This is due to the calcium content of soy milk with cow’s milk is very different, ie less calcium than cow’s milk. In general, soy milk contains vitamins B1, B2 and niacin in an amount equivalent to cow’s milk or breast milk, and contains vitamin E and K in considerable amounts.

The scientists believe that soy milk can benefit our physical bodies, such as:

1. Strengthen the physical body

Containing 4.5 g protein, 1.8 grams fat, 1.5 g carbohydrates, 4.5 g phosphorus, 2.5 g iron, 2.5 g of calcium, vitamins, and sebagaianya ribovlavin in every 100 grams of soy milk for improve our physical body.

2. Preventing diabetes

Soy milk contains large amounts of cellulose which can prevent the absorption of excess sugar. Reducing sugar levels can prevent diabetes. Soy milk intake is important for diabetics.

3. Prevent high blood pressure

Soy milk contains steroid, potassium, magnesium, which is a powerful tool for combating substance sodium, one of the main causes of hypertension. At the time of sodium in the body can

4. Preventing coronary heart attack

Steroids, potassium, magnesium and calcium in soy milk can strengthen and improve blood flow, increasing nutrients to the heart muscle, lower cholesterol and improve blood flow to prevent seizures. Drinking one glass of soy milk each day can reduce up to 50% recurrence of heart disease return.

5. Preventing a stroke

Magnesium and calcium in soy milk can reduce lipids and improve blood flow to the brain so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. Lecithin in soy milk can also reduce brain cell death and improve brain function.

6. Preventing cancer

Protein, selenium and molybdenum in soy milk malignant tumor suppressive. Very effective, especially against stomach cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. According to the survey, the likelihood of developing cancer for people who do not drink soy milk will increase by 50% compared with those who regularly consume soy milk.

7. Prevent bronchitis

Acid in soybean milk can prevent muscle spasms, so as to reduce and prevent the onset of bronchitis.

8. Prevent aging

Selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C is an antioxidant that can completely rejuvenate our cells, especially brain cells.

9. Prevent dementia, AIDS, constipation, and obesity or overweight.


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