The Twilight Saga Movie Review

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Nothing puts a damper on marital happiness as an unexpected pregnancy and instantaneous. The fourth installment of the popular Twilight saga is the risk a little more personal to the Cullen family, a new sense of immediacy surrounding his life-and-death as a threat from within (literally) is dedicated to destroy their close-knit the members. The choices are more difficult – but do not worry, because even though the adult content and increase in intensity, sometimes, there are plenty of absurd humor and love triangle cheesy werewolf effects to lighten the mood. When the abundance of close-ups and “emo-metal” music finally does break, Breaking Dawn manages to evoke some moments of genuine emotion that stand out in a movie steeped in agonizing vibration and recurring events that do little to promote history.

Having resolved their conflicted feelings, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), decides to spend eternity with vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Your wedding is looming on the horizon. Though heartbroken by the decision, the werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) is committed to distance himself from his subjects. When Bella is impregnated unexpectedly during his honeymoon with Edward, the fetus grows rapidly and begins to threaten the life of the young, Jacob returns to the comfort of your friend and help the Cullen family against a man pack Wolf intent to destroy the child.

The film opens with a recap that is so short and incoherent, anyone unfamiliar with the franchise will be lost. Fortunately, the story is so basic, it is difficult to reconstruct the events – and no doubt viewers will be sufficiently versed in the previous films and books anyway. We are also about Bella’s voiceover narration, impregnated with philosophical considerations sullen, that does not match his usual staccato blurbs, simply worded. The dialogue remains as expected generic and pitiful. I hope these lines will not reproduce the text of the novel. The other aspect that remains pathetically according to the above features is that the special effects – one would think that a number of benefits that this update to the wolves more realistic, the most convincing vampire versus werewolf battle, and the most sensitive imaging demonstrate the speed and force majeure. Instead, each time with a huge dog or a leech blurred is a joke.

There is barely enough content here to see an entire movie. Preparations for the wedding takes forever, the wedding is prolonged indefinitely, and see the honeymoon sequence, which extends for 14 days, it feels like real time. He talked a lot about the controversy stems from the sex scenes, but rarely are more spicy hugs, kisses and extreme close-ups. This is accompanied by songs soundtrack that rises above the action in ten minute intervals, a total lack of tension during scenes of Edward and Jacob, and the idea kind of funny that the connection of Twilight to True Blood is that neither show vampires involves protection while engaging in indiscriminate sexual activity. By the time Bella begins to deteriorate physically draining pregnancy, breaking the Dawn 1 becomes almost impossible to see in his statement made in a suspense drama action choreography, and editing. After all that has yet to end on a note artificial.


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