Shopping is Not That “easy” With Retail Outlets

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With the Indian retail sector growing with full surge what’s going wrong with customer satisfaction is the moot question to understand. As organized retailing in the metro cities in the country is increasing the hectic scene at the retail outlets gives clear indication of many troubles that the retailing in going to face in India.

  The AT Kearney’s eighth annual Global Retail Development Index (GRDI), in 2009 rated the Indian retail market, as  the fifth largest retail hub in the international arena with the potentially of fastest emerging market  for investment in the retail sector. The retail segment contributes to 8-10% of country’s gross domestic product (GDP. It is currently around 12-20 per cent and is likely to go beyond 22 per cent, by the coming years. The Industry is further going to face an increasing trend for the coming many years.

According to the data there are approximately nine million small grocery shops in India. In city the trend has been bit inclined toward retail store like big bazaar and easy day because of the special discounts that they provides. The best part is the time that a customer can spend on buying a good in unlimited. Further they provide assortments of good which inclines many.

These things are well understood by the outlets that provide almost everything. That’s why even if they combine together 10 packets of Rs 5 biscuits and sell at Rs 50 people think they have saved. The thing is slowly people understand that they are not saving instead being deceived. Moreover the long queues in the billing segment and the mistakes made by the cashier add to their frustration. Most complaints in the consumer forums are against overcharging or double charging of the product, the complaints were also registered regarding defective products, missing of product while packaging, problems in exchanging goods thus making the experience of customers not so easy! The further problem is added by charging price for poly bags which were earlier free of cost.

Almost every major retail outlets like Easy day, big bazaar, Spencer and many more face the similar type of customer complaints. The process of handling complaints is further deplorable. As such no machinery has been set by the government to look into the details of the problem faced by the retail customers. Neither the retail outlets are taking actions to help the customers. With the possibilities available in the Indian retailing sector the compromise with customer satisfaction is sure to cease the growth in the said sector.


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