Education is The Best Thing to Commercialize??

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While scrolling through the streets of Indirapuram I got answer of a very pertinent question of mine is commercialization of education that is easy? Perhaps it is! Here is a school which faces multiple complains like teachers do not give proper time, the school charges high  fees and you know what  the school besides its big board has an equivalent size board saying private tuitions available form 4.30! The intellectual city full of professionals has no problem with this, everyday people pass by some notice and laugh some walk away and leave it unnoticed! The state of education is woeful and this has given the opportunity to private sector to exploit and take full advantage (the Indian population has approximately 460 million youth who would be looking forward for higher education)

The country is full of coaching which make lofty claims that you will get admission in IIT & IIM and charge extremely high rates. Without any problem almost every coaching get their sits fill. Many after taking fees in advance don’t even provide teacher.

Delhi Ncr the region which has maximum number of engineers and managers, every day you wake up and find a new college here. An estimation says that most colleges in the region do not have a PhD ( even the heads of department do not hold PhD degree)  in the faculty and you need not to be surprised with the fact that the faculty have no work experience and most of them are only fresh BTechs and teaching higher semester classes. This is not all, most of colleges higher those who do not find any job and are left with no other option than to opt as a cheap faculty without any fervor for teaching.

 There are more than enough incidents where one will be lured by a list of visiting faculties only concealing the fact that they do not have any permanent faculties. Yet another interesting thing worth noticing is these AICTE approved colleges have to submit the list of faculties to AICTE/UGC.  To fill the compliance all colleges submit the names which are untrue and fabricated.  In addition same names are shown which are common between more than departments and sometimes than one college. Every student of the colleges knows and grumbles the decision of taking admissions and parents are tired of complaining at various places.

Sometime when AICTE receive complain they make inspection. They do perform the formality. The officials (AICTE/UGC) are fully aware of the private college scenario. Yes, they do have this information and generally negotiate it with the college authority for some good amount of money or kind.

In such college students buy their projects; there is no placement and no training. Everything is bought and sold. No wonder why the world ban k says the quality of education in India is falling!


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