Myth And Fact of Online Shopping

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           A modern trend is online shopping that enables customers to acquire both goods and service at one’s doorstep reducing both stress and strain of customer’s typically for old aged people who can’t visit the malls. The online stores have become an easy destination to buy products for the e – generations especially through Coupons, Coupon Codes, Discount Promotional Codes. In fact the on line stores provide wide range of products and Discount Promotional Codes ranging from big to small with just a click away. No doubt it i a great experience but its success lie on the discretion of the customer and credibility of the site and product. Sometimes all information about the products may not be obtained at the stores when there are a large number of people at the store.

Just a fad

Latest merchandise which enters the market could be brought home before the others can acquire it. The flip side to this, however is that, one has to reveal his other credit card number, name, address etc. However as cybercrimes are on the rise the online shopping could prove dangerous at times.

Security Concern

There are many security concerns over online shopping, as many of the company hack into the credit card numbers of the people and use it for their own purpose. Consumers are also fooled by the reviews and images of the product. People usually get the faulty product and hardly there are only a few companies who replace them.

Not Suitable For Clothes

The means of communication enables us to do many things like messages, e-mails, and surf, e-banking and shopping too, however we must try to make a proper balanced use of these mode of communication. We can select article, greetings, books and many more but the shopping for dress requires the proper selection and convenient size to wear them on future.

Real Pleasure Get Lost

Huge thanks to the technology in avoiding the chaotic traffic on roads and serpentine at the queues at the counter at just a click away. Yet online shopping can never give any buyer the perfect pleasure of feeling the texture or getting the opinion of family and friends. However online shopping deprives you the pleasure of walking out loaded with goodies in both the hands.

Quality Remains a Concern

The sad part of the online shopping is seeing things virtually are a lot of difference from checking them out personally at the malls. Even the quality of the products that we order online is dubious and remains a concern.

Boon For Sure

Simply it’s a boon of technology which made it possible to enjoy almost all products and services with just a click away. In fact without any doubt the success experience of online shopping lies on the discretion of the both customer and site credibility.

An Obvious Savior

Speaking of the advantages; online shopping save time and avoid discomfort of being squeezed in the dense crowd and in the return they provide us the most lucrative deal and offer with just a click away. But the touch and feel of experience with the pleasure of window shopping can’t be availed through the online shopping.

Practical Solutions

Online shopping websitesand many more provide the most practical solution in an economical and environment friendly way. You can scroll through millions of products just sitting in your drawing room instead of walking around the mall. In fact most of the websites now opt for free delivery almost at your door step, what might not be available at the malls. Of course you need to wait for the product to deliver, but no one will mind waiting.

However online shopping is an advantage to those who live in abroad or faraway but they want to purchase product or various commodities from other country. But make sure we have checked the credibility of the website prior to your shopping also beware of fake websites.


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