How To Train A Puppy or Dog

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Puppy training begins the moment you bring your puppy home. Most dog owners don’t realize how important this is. Puppies are very smart, and training them while they are small is the best way to have a obedient dog.  

Don’t let your puppy sleep in your bed. Puppy training should consist of some rules. Puppies should sleep in a crate or on their own bed. When you let a puppy in your bed to them you are their equal. If your puppy thinks you are equals how will you train your puppy?

While puppy training don’t become over excited around your puppy. This will cause your puppy to jump up on you, and your guests. This might seem cute when your puppy is small. But it wont when they grow up. Puppies also will pee when excited. Your puppy should be trained to sit before getting your attention.  So when you and your family come home don’t greet your puppy with to much excitement.

Feed your puppy twice a day. Once in morning and once at night. Your puppy should not be allowed to eat before the rest of the family. You eating first establishes leadership in your puppies eyes. When training your puppy, establishing a routine is important.

How to train a puppy to go potty outside is tough. Puppies have small bladders, and very little bladder control. Make sure you put your puppy outside every 20 minutes to use the potty. This will help your puppy understand where it is okay to potty.  Soon your puppy will let you know by standing at the door when it needs to use the potty.

How to train a puppy is hard work. Everyone in the house needs to be consistent. If this routine is consistent training your puppy will be much easier. Your puppy will understand its role in it’s new pack. Your puppy will love and respect your commands.


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