Addsense – A Mispelt Keyword

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We all read online ebooks and blog posts that show us how to choose a keyword and to build content around the keyword. Most articles go on to show how to get traffic using these keywords. Try the keyword “credit” and your site will never reach the search engines, unless your very talented.

Consider though, mispelt keywords, such as “credt”. This type of mispelling of keywords will guarantee that if you are targeting mispelt keywords then you will only be one of a handful of others who are chasing the same keyword that has been mispelt.

Mispelt keywords opens up a whole new area on a search engine because those mispelt keywords do rank and they rank well with little to sometimes no competition. If you were to chase the keyword creditt (mispelt on purpose) then you will get a top search engine position.

The reason why most online bloggers fail is because they choose a keyword with way too much competition and after exhausting all of their efforts they give up in defeat. The blogger will follow everything that has been taught and has followed each roadmap to the letter only to fail dismally.

To have any chance at all in getting search engine traffic to your pages you need to think outside of the square and to do this start thinking that not everyone can spell. Consider the following mispelt keyword:-


The title of this article includes the keyword addsensethat is a commonly mispelt keyword. When searching on the search engines for this keyword it will return a result of 193 thousand sites. Now the keyword adsensewill return 23 million sites.

Do you see my point? Targeting mispelt keywords is a lot easier then it is to target top paying highly searched for keywords. You can put all of your efforts into that one mispelt keyword and you will see those results reflected in search engine positioning.

I came across this technique while I was reading about the whole thing of total domination of page one on any search engine. Those teachings do get results for highly sought after keywords but does take some time.

I decided I wanted to see quicker results and came across the idea to chase mispelt keywords such as addsense so I dedicated one site to this and I called it addsense online case study. To my surprise this new blog was listed in a few short days and the keyword ranked quite well on the Google search engine.

The point of using proven techniques in website promotion is to get your keywords to page 1 and hopefully near the top of the page. When you know how to initiate those techniques and work on tweaking these strategies you too can rank your keywords highly, just as I have done with addsense.


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