The Future Of French Football

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This logic seems to be as unhealthy is shared by certain personalities in football. Why two weeks after the removal of the France team, some people continue to criticize, attack? Lilian Thuram, for example, that you’d never see Patrice Evra wear the blue jersey. Such statements only serve to add a new scandal in an institution that really does not need this now. This is understandable in the World Cup, but two weeks after removal of the blue, it seems that this is no longer necessary, and Lizarazu, Leboeuf … have to stop to show their anger at the idea of ​​joining the staff of Laurent Blanc is no stranger. On the evening of June 22, 2010, said Jean-Pierre Escalettes that the institution was blue “a sinking ship.” He was not wrong and should consider now to save it before it sank completely. Oscar Wilde thought “How can we say that man is a rational animal. His questions seem perfectly legitimate in some cases.

Conflicts of interest are sometimes the cause, revenge, in some cases, but why do these people think they are not only for its “passion, love for football. Since the removal of the Blues, we see the absurdities and no one seems to react to stop this farce.

30. June 2010, Raymond Domenech, and Jean-Pierre Escalettes National Assembly deputies received in camera, which was designed to understand what was happening in South Africa. Pascal Deguilhems member of the Dordogne, at the meeting by saying: “..? We are dismayed that the Committee on Culture and Education and is currently President of the FFF, and heard the coach of the French team Someone has lost all sense of proportion has Escalettes that member feels uncomfortable “Pictures of a few hours later, there are surprising. Coach and president of the FFF are both sitting MPs face visibly sad and restless. Using these images, no observer has the impression to the process, only two judges of the guilty faceWhatever their decision, they would have to take responsibility and resign or stay, but the only thing they did was to remain in the unknown and make it impossible to promote opportunity and progress in logic to improve Two years, two long years, if not more so than the French football is going through a serious crisis. After completely missing the Euro 2008 and the removal of the first round, the French team repeated its mistakes during the World Cup in 2010. Now it’s time to change, modify some plants, and replace some of the people behind self-esteem seems to disappear gradually in favor of complete indifference. People seem to have forgotten the values, we must respect the love and respect for the national team … Sometimes it is better to turn the page, forget and move on. Since the collapse of South Africa, would be that the words of French football, such as solidarity, the change in the future … But all this is a utopia. And ‘now two weeks since the French team has been eliminated, but instead, that the difference in a positive way, it was just a little shot in the conflict, and that the facts that only destroy the already tarnished image of the French Football Federation.

Despite the errors that may have been committed two main characters really deserve this? Is it normal to mix politics with sport? Pascal Deguilhem also continues during the hearing: “Is it really the duty of politicians to listen to you at this moment returned from a World Cup Inglorious for the France team after the Olympics in Rome, where France does not shine, officials at the time had not been questioned, but General de Gaulle decided to launch a sports revival in France, giving all levels of preparation. But this hearing is not the only example we can give to this new phenomenon. before the World Cup, Rama Yade, Secretary of State for criticizing the management of sports FFF in the house of the France team.

On June 24, 2010, two days after the withdrawal of the Blues, Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Sport to declare the resignation of Jean-Pierre Escalettes is “inevitable”, Nicolas Sarkozy, will be Thierry Henry in his Elysee Palace South Africa’s return. This obsession of politicians to interfere in sports, is legitimate, does not serve the French team instead of being used …? The question worth asking. Turn the page, look to the future, these words must always go back. On July 2, 2010, the Federal Council of the Federation took place and would create a disturbance in this institution. In addition to the resignation of Jean Pierre Escalettes, the Federal Council as a whole was highly anticipated, but it was not. Members of the latter preferred to postpone any decision until a later date.


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