Organic control of common garden pests

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Organic Solutions to Garden Pests

Now that spring has arrived, many people will begin planning their gardens. All gardeners know that with the growth of flowers and vegetables, comes the pests that dwell in the garden. Instead of using chemical sprays, there are a few ways to organically control these pests. Using organic solutions to control pest problems will assure gardeners grow pure and delicious fruits and vegetables, without the harmful effects of chemical treatments. Organic solutions will destroy the insects that harm crops, while saving the insects that are actually beneficial to the garden.

The most common garden pests include Japanese beetles, cabbage loopers, aphids, cutworms and thrips. These pests can be controlled without the use of pesticides. The most common of these pests is the aphid. These insects can be controlled using products found in the home. The first step is to drench the garden. The strong spray from the hose can kill aphids. The insects can then be sprayed with a mild soap or a garlic spray. These solutions will not harm the plant, but will destroy the aphids.

Cabbage loopers can be picked off of the plant. These caterpillar-like insects can also be controlled by planting plants that have pollen and nectar. These plants will attract other predatory insects that will ward off the cabbage looper. Cutworms, despite their name, are actually moths that infest gardens. These pests can be controlled by planting a little later in the season and placing collars around the stems of the plants.

Japanese beetles are common pests that will haunt the garden through the end of the summer. Grubs, small white worm-like pests, live in the soil. The grubs are Japanese beetle larvae. They can be destroyed by aerating the lawn in early spring. If the beetles still appear on the plants when they grow, they best way to dispose of them is to shake them off the leaves in the morning. Collect the beetles in a bucket or on a sheet and drown them in soapy water.

Thrips are attracted to fruit trees and plants. These pests can destroy an entire crop. To organically control these pests, spray the trees with dormant oil in the spring. The dormant oil can be made with vegetable oil, soap and water. This spray will keep the thirps from attacking the trees. Dormant oil spray can also be used on vegetables to control aphids and cutworms. If these pests still find their way into the garden, spray them directly with a hose and then with the oil spray. This will kill the adult pest and destroy any eggs.

These simple methods are a great way to use organic solutions to control garden pests. There is no need to use harsh chemicals that can harm the plants and the environment. A few common ingredients is all it takes to protect the garden from pests throughout the entire season.


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