How to Choose The Right Style For Our House

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If you are thinking about building a house, the thing that you must consider before building one is the house style that you want for your house. There is no right or wrong when you decide a style for your house, there is only what layout that you want, how the house is going to look like when it is finished and whether the style is going to match your furniture and interior design or not. Style, actually, is very fuzzy and there is no exact term that can describe it. Term style itself is different from one person to the other. But commonly, style is how we determine the form that something is going to look like, kinds of materials that are going to be used. It’s also sometime influenced by historical or cultural aspects.

Related to buildings and houses, we might recognize some styles like American colonial style, Victorian style, Minimalist style, Asian style, and etc. In defining a style for your house, you need to consider the taste of your own; you might like things that are related to Asian or maybe you love furniture from Victorian, your taste presents as reference in determining the style for your house. There are many styles that you can choose for your house. You can choose from styles that exist or you can combine several styles to get a right style for you. Just make sure that the style mixing is a match.

Before you determine the right style for your house, you might need to understand some of these:

  • which roof shape and pitch that fit your house, building size and the story behind it, the shape of windows and doors

  • which position and where you will place them, what details in decorations

  • what color of curtains that suit your wall, what kind of furniture that you will use as your interior

  • what rooms types that you want to be available in your house and the size you want to build

  • what kind of materials that you are going to use to build your house (makes sure that you use a sustainable eco-friendly and non-toxins materials),

  • which layout that you like for your house, how to make blueprint and floor plan for your house layout,

  • how to calculate the house spending and whether you decide to hire professionals to do the work or not.

Those are some crucial aspect that you need to consider before determining a style for your house. You also need to consider about what your neighbor’s perspective about the style that you want for your house. Find some information whether there is a regulation about building houses with the same style in your neighborhood, because there is such thing in some places. You also need to consider what common style that most people like if you want to re-sale your house in the future. If you already think of those aspects very carefully, then you can easily pick one of the styles or even add your own touch for your house.


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