Boiling a perfect egg!

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A perfect EGG!

Hard boiled eggs are made by immersing eggs into boiling water for a specified amount of time. The amount of time you boil the eggs determine how solidified the yolk will be. My family personally likes the yolk cooked but not overdone, as an over-done egg results in a green film around the yolk, it is harmless but just not very appealing. It is a personal preference. The following method will result in an egg that is cooked but not over done.

1.       Take a sauce-pan, add the eggs, and enough COLD water to cover the eggs by 1-2 inches, and add about 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to the water as this will add in the peeling process (If you plan to color the eggs, omit the vinegar) .

2.       Place the pan on medium-high heat. When the water just begins a rolling boil, set a timer for 12 minutes.

3.       After the timer has expired, remove the pan from the heat, dump the hot water in the sink, being careful not to scald yourself, or dropping the eggs. Place the pan, with the eggs in it, in your sink and run the water in the pan until full and shut off the water. You may want to change the water a couple of times if the water gets too warm.

4.       Wait about 10 minutes and the eggs are ready for processing.

Boiled eggs are used in a variety of recipes. Our favorites include deviled eggs and egg salad.


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