Indonesian Have a Chance to be a General Champion

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SEA Games remaining four days. Opportunity Indonesia became overall champion again for the first time in 14 years the implementation of the SEA Games open.

Until the day Friday, November 18, 2011, at 19:00 am, Indonesia had a collection of 119 gold, 90 silver and 81 bronze. Well ahead of nearest rival, Vietnam, which is in second position. Vietnam has 70 gold, 66 silver and 66 bronze. Thailand perched in third position with 67 gold, 62 silver and 74 bronze.

Rita Subowo, Chairman of the KONI / KOI, said to be the overall champion must reach at least 135 to 138 of 545 gold medals available.

Now the 119 gold already in hand. Stay Gold 16-19 more to be achieved so that the thirst of the general won the last time felt in 1997 when the SEA Games held in Jakarta could barakhir.

“Many are asking what tomorrow (Saturday) so we can ensure the overall winner or not. First patient alone, we have not dared to make sure,” said Rita Subowo when contacted Friday night.

16 additional gold target is not too difficult. There is still a reliable badminton. Simon Santoso in the men’s singles final. Then there is Ahmad Tontowi / Lillyana Natsir in mixed doubles. Even ensure the women’s doubles gold in the hand after Nadya Melati / Vita Marissa will be met Anneke Agustine / Nitya Maheswari in the final.

Beach volleyball girls also placed representatives in the final. Wushu strong chance to add two more gold. The first pass Lindswell that will appear in the final number Taijiquan daughter. Then there is an experienced athlete, silver medalist in the 2006 Asian Games, Susyana Tjhan, who qualified for the final number of individuals jiangshu.

“Badminton, wushu and Kempo opportunities we are also quite large. Tomorrow I’ll Go to Palembang watch beach volleyball and others. Pray, I am also excited. Hopefully we can win another general after the fast 14 years,” said Rita.

what about Climbing?

Indonesia climbing team closes the last day of the race with the sweet. Two recent gold and powered by Tita Supita galar Pandu Asmoro through world speed record of son and daughter, Friday, November 18, 2011.

Tita took the gold medal after defeating her compatriot Evi Neliwati. In the finals, Tita successfully recorded a time of 9.96 seconds, almost seven seconds ahead of Evi is incised record time of 16.6 seconds.

Bronze medal athletes fall into the hands of Singapore, Sim Sun Xin Judith, who beat compatriot, Ng Li Jianice in the race for the third with a time of 12.39 seconds.

“It felt good to reach the gold. Gold is my nation Indonesia. The bonus will dedicate to my parents,” Tita said after the game.

The dominance of Indonesia in rock climbing branches furnished by galar Asmoro Pandu who beat Tonny Mamiri speed record on the final numbers son. Galar recorded a time of 6.99 seconds, 1.3 seconds ahead of Mamiri.

With the addition of two gold, rock climbing Indonesia’s team won nine gold and 5 silver. Indonesia had lost only one gold medal from the numbers bolder daughter. Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI) itself is targeted to reach six gold medals


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