Gender Role and Change in Society

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An aspect of a gender role and how it has changed over time

The female role as ‘housewife’, in terms of caring for children, undertaking all domestic chores, and not entering into the workforce, has seen considerable change in recent decades, particularly due to the rise in the feminist movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Nowadays, cultural stereotypes of gender roles have been significantly altered, and a large number of women are in the workforce, generally enjoying equal pay and benefits to men.

Impact of society’s expectations of gender on your own personal experience

Despite changes to the traditional cultural stereotypes of gender roles seen over time, continuity of these stereotypes can be seen in both the micro and macro worlds. In my micro world, I particularly see this in my grandparents, whom tend to hold on to their cultural heritage – for instance, my grandfather will never ask me, as a female, to assist in hard labour or mechanical work, presuming disinterest or inability. He also assumes that “the women” will prepare the meals, and undertake all other domestic chores. However, such attitudes have not affected me greatly. It is a norm of my generation that both genders are equal, and few gender stereotypes exist. I know that I am able to achieve whatever I so desire provided I work for it, and I will not be limited in any way by my gender.


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