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It is natural that Internet marketing is the marketing of products and / or services through the Internet. Other terms used in online marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, web marketing and search engine marketing. Internet marketing is wide. In addition to marketing on the Internet, including e-mails and made the wireless networks.

The internet has a long history. It was created in the 90’s, however, was not intended to be an advertising medium in any way. He was seen only as a device for exchanging information and emails. However, it took such a short time for sellers to discover the hidden potential in it to market products and services. At present, it is difficult to understand that there is a company that is completely devoid of any online marketing.

Internet marketing is strongly embraced by retailers because of its many advantages. One of them is the ability to reach potential consumers. It uses the network, not only nationally but globally. This implies that the products and services is seen in anywhere in the world. In addition, online marketing is cheap, quick and easy. You only need to put very little money and time in it and with only a few mouse clicks, you will have access to your buyers. In addition you are able to receive answers to your market in the blink of an eye. Customers can ask questions or even add comments about your position very quickly. This way to communicate and convince them to buy products or services under the promotion.

Online marketing has its drawbacks, which should not be overlooked when deciding to practice or not. One is that it requires professionalism in fact only a few buyers will be serious with you. It is important to ensure that your e-mails and Web sites are present and have the correct impression with the public. Another disadvantage is that your company can not require reaching out to people via the Internet. For example, you can not run a line of living room, it requires face to face contact with customers. Again, this is a limiting factor that customers are not able to taste, smell or touch the products before purchasing property.

Information security is very important to customers and the organization involved in Internet businesses. Sometimes, clients of late, but online articles because they do not trust that their private information will remain secret. To address this challenge, some organizations use opt-out in which the customer details are removed immediately after purchase.

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