Do Not Bury Yourself Earlier

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Whenever I come across the Parable of Talents that is narrated in the Holy Bible a lightning sensation passes through my spine. The truths of life that the parable describes make me shudder. The kernel of these truths can be found in various texts.

The Parable of the Talents is one of the stories found in the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ told this story to teach about the career of everyone in this world. Although he uses the word “talents” to refer to money, one can easily apply to life situations. It gives a lot of interesting points that are applicable to the pursuit of personal development of every one.

The Parable of the Talents

In the book of Matthew, Jesus tells his disciples a parable about a man going on a journey, entrusting his servants with talents before he leaves. He gives the first servant five talents, to the second servant two talents and to the third servant one talent. Then Jesus relates how these servants reacted with the talents given to them. The first and second utilized the talents and and gained more. But the third went off, dug a hole in the ground and buried his master’s money. When the master returned after a long time, he called them and settled accounts with them. It is quite interesting to note the rewards of their actions to each one of them. The first two were praised for their making use of what was given to them by the master and the third was cursed and punished. (Read the parable story: Matthew 25: 14-30)

A path for success

This parable shows how everyone can achieve success in life and also how a life becomes a failure. The talents mentioned in this parable can be considered as whatever one gets as inheritance by birth, the personal characteristics, abilities, traits and talents. Everyone born has his own talents. Each one in the world is different and has unique talents of his own. Some are given more and some less. What is meant here is not how much you have but how you recognize your talents and make use of them.

Positive outlook in life

Everyone is special in some way, having hos own traits and talents. He is expected in life just to understand whatever he has and make use of them. Looking at himself positively and making use of whatever he has is the success in life. It fills him with joy. But if he looks at others’ talents and feel envious or dejected, he makes a hell to himself and for others.

Negative outlook

The third servant in the parable is a personification of negative outlook. He is lazy, lethargic, and always finding fault. He neither trusts himself nor his master. He never cares for what he has or comes forward to make use of what he has. He find fault with the character of his master and buries what the master had given him to use.

The talents given to us are the person what we are and the talents used are what we are expected to do. It is by making use of the talents we reach our success. Just making use of the talents positively makes us perfect and happy.

Do not bury yourself earlier

When you are not making use of the talents given to you, you bury them deep in the ground. It makes you lazy and inactive. It makes you sick both in body and mind. It brings you all disasters and failure in life. No doubt, you bury yourself and your life earlier into death. 


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