Why Not Africa?

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It is really sometimes absurd to watch or listen to the news of the foreign media. Most of the headlines making the news have to be with Africa.

Africa of course, making Africa popular in obviously the negative dimension. Daunting  Africa’s image.

        What does one see on media such as CNN, BBC and the likes?

Children with mouths wide open gaffing for food and houseflies moving in and out their mouths as their playgrounds.  Mothers who have trekked long distances in such of water.

Is this what Africa is indeed made of? The showing of some traditional dance moves. As if all that Africans do  to entertain themselves is to dance.

        Now let me move on to my question, why not Africa? Africa being the second largest continent after Asia is undoubtedly the richest continent on this planet. The untapped resources of Democratic Republic alone is estimated to be around $24 trillion, more than the GDP of the whole of Europe and America combined. But why then is Africa portrayed as the ‘dark’ continent amidst all its riches.

A continent considered to be rich in minerals but yet its inhabitants thrives, why?   And the answer to this is of the fact that Africa indeed lacks investors. But where do investors tend to invest? Amidst promising profits when one invests in Africa.  Investors from the west and the Americas tend to opt for Asia- a continent which will take the fastest Boeing 747 18 hours non-stop to fly investors as compared to 5 hours to get to Africa. But yet, investors opt for Asian countries.

   So why are investors overflying Africa to Asia?  Whiles the fact is that, investment in Africa yields higher returns in any part of the world.

I can hear you recounting the unusual litany of shortcomings ‘’Africa politicians are corrupt,’’

 ‘’ Insecurity’’,’’ ‘’poverty’’, etc. This mantra should not be the bases of overflying   Africa to Asia.

There is something  more to it than meets the eyes.

The Asian countries were not having conducive conditions for investment. They had their own fair share of problems-corruption, political instability, dictatorship, unskilled labour. But that did not prevent investors from developed countries from going there to invest.

Take Japan, Taiwan and South Korea for examples. Japan for instance fought a destructive war in the Asia neighborhood during World War Two bringing instability to the Asian continent.

So, why then is Africa not getting the support Asia had?


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