Wonders of Fasting For Heart Patients

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Our heart beats 80 times per minute or equal to 115,200 times per 24 hours. In the first days of fasting was a decrease in the number of pulses of the heart until it reaches less than 60 beats per minute, but then re-pulsed the heart rate stabilized at 60 beats per minute throughout the day during Lent.

Decrease in the number of heartbeats This saves 28,800 beats per 24 hours. This means the heart can rest and save a quarter of part-time work are taken on a typical day out fast.

At least three important benefits of fasting,
• Fasting resist the pressures that has always plagued the heart.
• Fasting provides an opportunity for the heart to rest
• Fasting can sterilize blood. Thus, fasting gives the opportunity to consume blood to the heart clean.

Fasting For People Rabun Wonders Eyes
For patients with myopic eyes, fasting is useful to make the eyes look sharper, clearer vision, clarity, and awake. Additionally acuity vision experienced a significant increase after fasting, in contrast to the condition of fireflies or weakness outlook during the fasting period.

Fasting For The Miracle Skin
Fasting is useful to make skin fresher, stronger, more radiant, and the color becomes more beautiful. Dr. Muhammad Al-Dzawahiri, a professor of skin diseases at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, stated, “The correlation between food and diseases of the skin is very strong. Therefore, keeping away from food and drink within a certain time can reduce the water content in the body and blood. This by itself causes a reduction of water in the skin. When the water content in the skin’s decline also occurred an increase in skin immunity against all types of skin diseases and skin disorders due to torture bacteria.

Reduced water levels in the skin can also lower the stage of disease, inflamed skin, acute, and spread in most of the body.

The best healing therapy for these cases are reviewed from the aspect of food is to refrain from food and drink until a certain time limit.

For the purposes of this addition, in various parts of the world today are emerging that make a number of health clinics fasting as a healing therapy major.

Wonders of Fasting For Stomach
Famous doctor, Alexis Carrel, who won the Nobel Medicine (1912) states in his book Man the Unknown, which according to the doctors regarded as a reference in the medical world,

“The frequency, regularity, and Adequacy eat can stop a function that plays a major role in the survival of the human race, namely the function of adaptation to food shortages. Therefore, humans must occasionally fasting. “

The most incurable diseases with fasting is a case of gastrointestinal disorders (abdominal and stomach). Doctor Carrel said, “Fasting has an effect like a magic wand that cures diseases caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction, and patients treated had seen an incredible miracle. The next type of disease most effectively cured by fasting is a blood disease, and bone diseases such as rheumatism.

Thus a fraction of the wonders of fasting. If we explore further, of course there are many more that we can know for us to ponder just how remarkable the effects of worship prescribed in Islam, where a reference and guidance to scientists, particularly scientists in medicine, in curing the ills of his patients. So no reason for us to not believe how much we can learn the benefits of fasting.


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