Pranic Energy; do You Know The Core of This Science

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 Pranic energy; do you know the core of this science

In the realms of Yogic healing and other kinds of alternate remedial measures including Reiki etc. The word energy is the fulcrum for all such sciences. The word energy, here, directly indicates towards that subtlest energy substance which was observed and understood by great ancient Indian seers thousands of years ago. They (ancient seers) named it as ‘Prana’ in Sanskrit… the same word later acquired its English composition as Pranic i.e. related with Prana. This article cannot endeavour to touch the intricate details of this subject since the scope of the article cannot exceed into a book therefore it confines to the aspect that is of great utility to any common reader.

According to those great ancient Indian seers the Prana (vital energy) is a highly ‘sensitive’ and ‘intelligent’ substance. When we use such adjectives as sensitive and intelligent for any substance the mind automatically becomes driven to some kind of ambiguity… because the substance is considered as an objects and objects are not supposed to bear sensation or intelligence barring the artificial intelligence created by human being in this recent age. The human created artificial intelligence is easily believed since its comprehension needs no basis of blind faith; on count that its working is easily apparent to any human being and we all can observe and benefit of its working all around our existence.

Now utilizing this same understanding in regard with a substance that is neither visible nor easily felt by commoners creates ambiguity about its existence. Though theoretically one can render several examples about various concepts that existence around us but we are not able to see them; such as Nano scale but despite of all dogmatism this belief does not find way inside a common mind.

The another problem with the subject of Prana is that unless its practitioner deeply affirms the existence of this subtlest energy and starts its related exercises; drawing and establishing within through various breathing patterns… the results are confined just like with a swimmer that intends to swim but right at the edge of the waters… perhaps such a swim shall never be able to swim however he may go on moving his/her hands and legs in whatever manner. Similarly with the subtler subjects where sensitivity and intelligence rope in as basic determinants there the establishment of their existence within a seeker must be accomplished beyond an iota of doubt; unless that firm belief finds its place within all other efforts shall land as acts of futility.

To start with; under realms of yogic teaching about Prana the first part that any good teacher should advance within his/her student (or any self study student) is to first of all experience and feel the Prana within ones own physical body… this feeling about the motion of Prana within us is also directly related with our emotional state. It simply means that when we are under a heightened emotion of any kind; irrespective of its positive or negative nature the pranic movement also heightens within our existence respectively. In order to translate it in simplest terms when we experience a heightened negative emotion its results drain out considerable amounts of Pranic  (vital energy) from us and on the contrary when we experience any positive emotion with the similar intensity the Pranic gain too is heightened appropriately.

The teacher or a student with self study has to first of all experience the outflow or inflow of this vital energy (Prana) within himself or herself to the extents where the belief is easily established inside to the extents that one can easily relate to its existence within ones physical body. And as the observation proceeds the inflow and outflow become so apparent that one is able to easily learn the movement of Prana. Once this aspect is established it is then that the aspirant has to move forward towards gathering Pranic substance as number one and establishment of it within one’s own self as exercise number two… but whatever may be the case unless the experience of observing this force within at ones own end is dispensed all related procedures remain mere dogmatic.

A seeker must remember that this highly sensitive and intelligent substance cannot be drawn without a proper invocation; an invocation that creates a command at the subtler dimension leaving no choice for it (Prana) to come and establish according to the wish of its seeker. Once an aspirant deeply understands the sensitivity and intelligent aspect of Prana then the alone the first step should be considered as over.

The seeker also needs to remember that the source to this vital energy (Prana) is through various sources like; breathing, water, emotions, intent and thoughts… the advanced yogis utilze the highest mode of intention whereas the progressing souls utilize the thoughts. The learners make their way through the breathing and thoughts. Whereas the water is for those who want it merely to meet their physical requirements confined at lowest levels.

Once you understand the crucial aspect behind this subtlest energy then the journey towards enrichment shall advance. kumar(learning under discipline)


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