Epson Powerlite Home Cinema

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These days, purchasing a new devise is much easier, than that of the earlier days. The user can get users’ feedbacks and reviews on the internet before deciding on the purchase. I always go through reviews all over the internet, before I purchase anything. And once purchased, I post my own review to make the thing easy for others. This is a review on Epson Powerlite Home Cinema, which I purchased some six months back.

The Epson Powerlite Home Cinema projector is much cheaper than any similar projector. The first and the foremost thing that I must mention, and that is quite noticeable to anyone using one of these, is the quietness of the devise. I have never seen another projector so quite. It makes no noise! The devise keeps itself cool. The lamp cools down too fast. Even the body of the machine takes several hours to get heated, unlike any other projector. Previously I used another projector, and my room setup is such, that I must keep the projector, almost or attached at the ceiling. With my old projector I had to hang it upside down. But this one has some special lens adjustment, so I can now; just place this Epson Powerlite Home Cinema on a high self, forgetting the old troubles.

The projector has 12,000:1 contrast ratio. And it has several adjustments for environments. The devise amazingly allows you to keep the room completely lit, and still view the whole presentation with utmost clarity to details. The ambient glow is quite appreciative. The contrast ratio is too high, and lets me use the projector for displaying cinema or movies. The intricate details do not get ignored unlike any other projector. The pixel view is a story of the old days, given that it has high resolution, and much more pixel than any other.  

The powerlite comes with cutting edge connectivity, of about 1.3. The Epson Powerlite Home Cinema keeps the capability of displaying 2000 lumen colours, which is matter of jealousy for even televisions. The projector has a-of-the-art Fujinon™ lens coupled with a special cinema filter, which makes it the best projector (at its price range) to view cinemas or movies, which requires better frame speed capability.

The Epson Powerlite is a wonderful devise when it comes to easy adjustment requirement. Often it’s the most difficult thing, to set up the devise at a new location. But it’s a by gone story with the powerlite. The most alluring feature of this devise is the size of the image. The devise will take up almost the whole of your wall to display, which I bet no other can do. However the bulb lasted for some 700 hours, which is much less than promised, but I got it replaced under the warranty, and that too within a day.


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