Canon Cmos Digital Slr Camera

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The Canon CMOS Digital SLR Camera is 5.8 inches in size, and weighs around 1.8 pounds in weight. Though digital, still it has the classical look of the age old SLR Canon Cameras. A ‘large enough’ preview screen allows the user to get a proper view of the whole image, before shooting. It comes with an 18 mega pixel CMOS sensor, which is extraordinary, though I found it not fit for shooting stars, but still great! An image captured has high resolution. The resolution which largely owes to the high mega pixel, is so powerful, that canon thought of naming it after the sensor which makes it possible to shoot such high resolution images, and hence the name Canon CMOS Digital SLR Camera.

It is often found that if someone crops an image right within the camera, the image gets distorted, or it looses details (if not distorted). In some cases, the image even turns darker. But this Canon CMOS Digital SLR Camera has extraordinary software, which maintains all the characteristics of the images, even when cropped. Therefore one doesn’t need to upload it to a pc to crop the image. The camera has a Dual processor. You might be thinking “what’s the need of a dual processor in a camera?” Obviously it’s not a computer, which needs to compute and manipulate several things, which calls for a high processor speed. But think, haven’t you ever come across those cameras, which display a revolving object on the screen, once the image is shot? And it goes for several seconds, before you finally get to see the image. That’s processing! And now, just consider the processing speed this camera must have to make it a smooth experience for you, yet maintaining its high resolution. Hence the dual processor… Apparently the camera takes no time to display the final photo. It enables one to take several images in little or no time. 

No doubt the camera would be incomplete without a face recognition technology. It has the all new face detection capability; which means it can recognize faces, and can make difference between faced photos, and non faced photos. And once the Camera recognizes that you are shooting a picture which has faces, it will take extra care for those faces, and let the image sharpen the faces; specially, to such an extent such that they are clear enough, and recognizable.

The CMOS Camera knows, if you are shooting at dusk or dawn. It takes even greater image at night, which is quite a challenge for any digital camera, leave alone CMOS Digital SLR Camera. The Canon CMOS Digital SLR Camera has three video recording sizes.

All in all it is a fine camera for $1,649.95


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